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Fiber capacity and power provides unmatched internet speed, digital TV and voice quality

TAMUNING, Guam – (Thursday, October 8, 2009) – Guam’s Talo Verde community became the first residential neighborhood on the island where homes have buried fiber optic connections to power intergrated voice, data and video communications from GTA TeleGuam.

Each of the nearly 100 new homes in the development has an underground fiber optic connection that can initially provide up to 100 Mbps (megabits per second) of bandwidth capacity. GTA TeleGuam can expand capacity up to 1 Gbps (gigabits per second) as demand grows.

Fiber connections allow residents to have ultra-high-speed Internet connections, advanced television with more high definition channel streams, multiple set-top boxes, and digital video recorders without the bandwidth limitations from traditional cable or digital subscriber line (DSL) connections.

GTA TeleGuam will continue to use copper wires for providing lifeline telephone service to fiber-fed homes to ensure continuity of phone service during power outages and typhoons. GTA TeleGuam uses back-up generators to power telephone lines.

“Buried fiber to the home allows GTA TeleGuam to deliver more services more efficiently and with higher quality than traditional copper technologies,” said Carl Leon Guerrero, executive vice president of operations at GTA TeleGuam.

GTA TeleGuam recently installed its first buried cable fiber connection in a home in Talo Verde. The company is now accepting orders from other Talo Verde homeowners.

GTA TeleGuam provides fiber-to-the-home as a standard network offering in Talo Verde when customers sign up for the company’s advanced television service. Customers pay based on the number and types of services they want. For example, if a homeowner wants three television set-top boxes, two DVRs and 10 Mbps Internet access, they pay only for the services to which they subscribe.

Customers can bundle services to receive further discounts. Bundles start at $107 a month.

In addition to the Talo Verde area, residents in North Tipalao, another new housing development on Naval Station, are now able to place advance installation orders to connect to GTA TeleGuam’s fiber-to-the-home network.

GTA plans to continue to install fiber optic lines into new and existing neighborhoods on Guam over the next five years. In new developments, the company is placing its fiber lines in underground conduit to ensure continuity of service during severe storms.

GTA TeleGuam already provides fiber access in most business districts on Guam.

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