FTTHMore than 5 million North Americans are now connected and subscribe to FTTH networks, according to a study released Sept. 29 by the Fiber-to-the-Home Council.  The number of FTTH network subscribers has been growing at more than 1.5 million per year while a large majority of providers experiencing so-called ‘take rates’ — the percentage of prospective customers who decide to subscribe — greater than 50%. The majority of these connections come through one provider — Verizon — with their popular FiOS service.

Conducted by RVA Market Research, the study results also show that the  FTTH network expansion continues strong: the number of homes passed by FTTH networks rose to 17.2 million from 13.8 million a year ago.  FTTH network access is now available to 15% of homes in North America, according to the study.

“The march to all-fiber networks is showing no sign of letting up in the United States and Canada,” Joe Savage, president of the FTTH Council, said in the news release.  “Given the growing sophistication and bandwidth requirements of online and video applications, as well as the high satisfaction that current FTTH subscribers are expressing about their fiber service, the growing consumer demand for end-to-end fiber is now a fact of life and something that our members are working hard to satisfy.”

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