For a company that really doesn’t own or do anything (yet), does quite well on the PR front. Their high profile backers, including former FCC chairman Reed Hundt, and their anti status quo approach to the upcoming 700 Mhz wireless auctions helps on the PR front for sure. Time will tell whether their PR prowess translates into a win with the auction process and their goal for a national public-private wireless network. Their latest PR win is a story with the , which outlines their stout political and technology clout, which they appear to be leveraging well.

Their goal for a national wireless network, which will include a nationwide public safety broadband network, seems reasonable on the surface. Of course, the devil is always in the details. One thing is for sure, the competitive landscape for broadband in the U.S. will be altered, whatever the outcome of the 700 Mhz wireless auction proceedings. The degree to which that competitive landscape is altered depends greatly on whether Frontline’s proposal (or competing proposals) prevails.

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