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LOS ANGELES, CA – November 19, 2013 – FreedomPop, America’s first free mobile service company, today expanded its recently launched free phone service to allow consumers to use their old Sprint phones to add a line with FreedomPop. In addition, FreedomPop unveiled a new $99 Android smartphone, the HTC Evo 4G, available without contracts or up-front fees.  The HTC 4G and user’s previous phones will come with FreedomPop’s free voice, text and data plan.

FreedomPop knows that everyone likes the word free.  But cell phone bills are far from free. In fact, the average spend is $139/month – $1,668 a year – according to JD Powers.  Maybe that’s why FreedomPop immediately sold out of their first completely free mobile service and smartphone offering when it was launched last month.

“It was a humbling experience.  Demand far exceeded our expectations and the inventory we thought would last two months was gone within 24 hours,” said Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop’s CEO.  “That’s why we’ve worked so hard to quickly introduce more options to satisfy consumer’s needs for free mobile phone service, especially with the holidays coming up.”

Consumers across America have responded to FreedomPop’s free mobile service plan with almost 20,000 new inquiries a day still coming in. Here is just a sampling of the stories coming in from new FreedomPop Phone users:

  • Adrienne a grandmother Southern California had an old Motorola Razor flip phone and finally upgraded to the FreedomPop HTC Evo, her first smartphone, to stay connected with her grandkids.
  • Brian is a New York grad student who is working three jobs to make ends meet. He bought a Freedom Phone because he was tired of throwing away money on his monthly cell phone bill, and loves the significant savings he gets each month
  • Jonathan an unemployed father in Southern California could no longer afford his Verizon cell service so he cancelled it and switched to FreedomPop to help with his job search and to avoid a lengthy contract.

With FreedomPop’s new “Bring your own phone” plan, consumers can easily migrate their service to FreedomPop by simply activating their phone on Their phones will then work seamlessly on FreedomPop’s nationwide 3G and 4G network getting voice, text and 500 MBs of data services for free each month.

FreedomPop’s basic plan includes 200 voice minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of 4G data with 3G roaming every month, free, for life, saving consumers over $1,000 per year versus the large wireless carriers.   For power users, FreedomPop’s unlimited plan is 80 to 90 percent less than similar plans.

“At a time when carriers are squeezing voice and text revenues from consumers, we are liberating them with absolutely free voice, text and data connectivity,” added Stokols.

To sign up for the FreedomPop Phone service now, go to

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