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April 1, 2018 — Fidelity Communications is pleased to announce an internet speed increase for all coaxial business customers at no additional cost or contract extension.

Fidelity’s base business internet package now includes a 75 Mbps download speed with a 10 Mbps upload speed. Offering such a high-speed business internet package as the base choice will give Fidelity business customers a competitive edge at an affordable rate.

“Our Mission is ‘to provide a superior customer experience and innovative technologies that enhance our customers’ lives,’ and this change represents our Mission,” said Fidelity’s Director of Marketing, Danica LaFaire.

Internet services are a critical component of most business operations these days and Fidelity’s High-Speed Business Internet is designed to deliver a swift advantage to their customers.  It allows businesses to have a greater reach, connect quicker with prospective clients, provide more comprehensive customer support, and operate more effectively and efficiently overall.

“As a telecommunications provider, we understand that our business customers rely heavily on our High-Speed Business Internet and that having powerful internet service is vital to the performance of their businesses,” said Holly Bryant, Fidelity Communication’s Director of Business Sales.

The increase in business speeds means that business customers will receive increased download and upload bandwidth, which may require new equipment in some cases. Businesses needing new equipment will be notified by Fidelity; Business Solutions Consultants will be reaching out to make service appointments for equipment upgrades.

For more information about Fidelity’s High-Speed Business Internet and other business services, including telephone and television services, visit

Press Release

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