The municipal utility in Salisbury, North Carolina is in the process of building and launching a FTTH network that will offer triple play services. They recently unveiled the brand and logo for this effort – Fibrant.

Salisbury is following the lead of other FTTH providers, large and small, in creating a ‘premium’ brand for their FTTH service. The most recognizable is Verizon’s FiOS. Verizon has built considerable brand equity with FiOS – so much so that communities aren’t real pleased when they realize they are not on the FiOS footprint roadmap. Comcast recognized this brand strategy as well, and as a result, recently launched the Xfinity brand for their services.

Salisbury joins other smaller FTTH providers who are pursuing this strategy as well, including Canby Telcom with their Foz product.

The goal is to leverage the perception that FTTH is the best broadband option, relative to its competition. So much so, the service is worthy of its own premium brand. These providers aren’t just offering high speed Internet, TV, and phone – they’re offering a premium experience, deserving of its own brand.

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