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As of yesterday, certain small carriers must now comply with the same caller identification tools on their networks that large carriers have used for over a year. The requirement is part of broader FCC actions against illegal robocalls.

These small phone companies originally had longer to implement the same rules as the larger carriers. But, ever since the regulator made its initial ruling in 2020, a small fraction of smaller carriers have come under suspicion for facilitating large numbers of illegal robocalls.

In the original ruling, the FCC granted voice service providers with 100,000 or fewer subscriber lines an extension of STIR/SHAKEN implementation requirements. But as it became evident that some of these carriers were facilitating the robocalls, in 2021 the FCC unanimously voted to shorten the extension by a year.

These providers are now required to implement STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication standards on the IP portion of their networks.

The new requirement is the latest of several actions the Federal Communications Commission has taken in an attempt to stem the growing tide of illegal robocalls.

According to the regulator, the FCC’s actions have resulted in:

  • Record-breaking spoofing and robocall fines;
  • Closing gateways used by international robocallers to reach Americans’ phones;
  • The signing of robocall investigation partnerships with the large majority of state Attorneys General;

“Each time I get a robocall it reminds me that we can’t stop looking for ways to stop these nuisance calls and the scams behind them,” said FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, in a prepared statement. “Our team is working to aggressively and creatively find ways to fight back. We will use every authority we have, and we will go to Congress for more. We will not let up.”

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2 thoughts on “FCC Takes Further Action Against Robocalls

  1. When will the FCC wake-up to the fact that fines won’t and don’t stop the robocall industry❓They continue to issue these enormous fines that accomplish NOTHING‼️
    When robocall owners and operators are handed 5 to 10 year jail sentences, THAT will be the wake-up call that will bring this industry to it’s knees❗️

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