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WASHINGTON, DC, December 28, 2020—Commissioner Carr announced that the FCC is now selecting awardees for its $100 million Connected Care Pilot Program. The window for submitting applications to participate in this initiative closed on December 7, and the agency will announce selected projects when the Commission completes the process of voting and releasing a Public Notice that is now on circulation.

Commissioner Carr has been leading the FCC’s efforts to develop this telehealth initiative over the past two years, and he released the following statement:

“Two years ago, we identified a new trend in telehealth. With advances in smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices, patients no longer need to visit brick-and-mortar facilities or meet in person with a doctor to receive high-quality care. Increasingly, patients can receive care whenever and wherever they have an Internet connection—whether for video visits or tracking a range of medical conditions.

“It’s the healthcare equivalent of shifting from Blockbuster to Netflix.

“I have been working with my FCC colleagues and stakeholders over the past two years to support this new trend in telehealth by standing up this Connected Care Pilot Program. I first saw the promise of these services on a visit to the Mississippi Delta. That’s where I met patients with diabetes that saw their lives improve through the use of connected care offerings. Indeed, the limited trials to date show that connected care technologies consistently reduce the costs of care while improving patient outcomes.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, the benefits of these telehealth services and the offering of care at a distance have been brought into even sharper focus. I am grateful to Chairman Pai for his leadership on this issue and for circulating a Public Notice that will allow the Commission to select a diverse set of awardees that will extend connected care services and their benefits to veterans and low-income Americans. I look forward to the full Commission taking prompt action and to the selected projects getting underway.”

Press Release

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