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Today, the Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) announces the availability of the CACM/CAM Input Walkthrough Tutorial Series, a tutorial video designed to assist parties accessing and utilizing the Connect America Cost Model (CAM). Specifically, the tutorial video reviews version 10 of the capital expenditures workbook (Capex V10) to help parties better understand the structure and inputs contained in the workbook.

The inputs discussed in the tutorial video provide the basis to determine the investments made to construct a fiber to the premises (FTTP) network.1 In particular, the tutorial discusses the relevant inputs for structure material, fiber material, and other FTTP materials, as well as the inputs regarding the levels of plant sharing under the forward-looking assumptions within the CAM.2 The tutorial also reviews the inputs for labor and material loading, capturing the additional costs associated with the network build beyond just the material costs. Finally, the tutorial examines the inputs associated with switching costs, middle mile and central office materials, and land and building costs. As the tutorial explains, these inputs are separated into dedicated tabs in the Capex V10 workbook; once the company-specific values are loaded into the respective input tabs, these values are funneled into the “Model Inputs” tab, which captures the complete data set that will be imported into the CAM for processing.

Parties should follow the same procedures to access the CAM tutorial video as the Bureau has announced for previous versions of the CAM. In particular, parties may view the video by visiting or and navigating to the Resources page. In order to access the tutorial video, parties must execute the relevant acknowledgement of confidentiality, licensing, and nondisclosure documents released as attachments to a Third Supplemental Protective Order.

Press Release

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