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The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau today took further action against voice service provider One Eye LLC, which the regulator said is continuing to facilitate illegal robocalls from overseas as a gateway provider, flouting FCC warnings to cease carrying unlawful traffic.

As a result, the FCC issued its first ever “initial determination order,” an action that moves One Eye LLC a step closer to being mandatorily cut off from connecting with other providers, a potential that the FCC has already advised other providers about.

If One Eye fails to respond and begin actively combatting – rather than supporting – illegal robocalls, the next step for the FCC would be an order requiring all immediate downstream providers to block all traffic from the provider.

The provider’s owner has a long history of running afoul of the regulator.

According to the FCC, One Eye owner, Prince Anand, established the company after its predecessor entity PZ/Illum Telecommunication received a cease-and-desist letter from the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau.

However, according to the FCC, One Eye continued its predecessor’s practice of transmitting illegal robocall campaigns. This made the provider the target of last month’s “K4 Notice” to encourage other providers to refrain from carrying this traffic. 

FCC put rules in place last year targeting gateway providers that handle traffic for illegal robocallers.

“We will not tolerate providers who actively support scammers by bringing in illegal calls from abroad. We will strike back with aggressive new tools. Today, marks the first time we use them—but it won’t be the last,” FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, said in a prepared statement.

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One thought on “FCC Poised to Cut Off Alleged Illegal Robocall Gateway Provider

  1. I get robo calls/ sms messages EVERYDAY. THEY SUCK. leave strange messages/numbers and old requests. Please shut them down.

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