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WASHINGTON, August 3, 2023—The Federal Communications Commission today voted to launch a proceeding designed to advance its understanding of non-federal spectrum usage and take advantage of new data sources, methods, and technologies to do so in a cost-effective, accurate, scalable, and actionable manner. This Notice of Inquiry will explore how these new tools can promote effective spectrum management and identify new opportunities for innovation.

As the radiofrequency environment becomes more congested, leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence to understand spectrum usage and draw insights from large and complex datasets can help facilitate more efficient spectrum use, including new spectrum sharing techniques and approaches to enable co-existence among users and services.

This new technical inquiry seeks to build on the Commission’s historic expertise and the latest insights from spectrum researchers in academia, industry, government, and international bodies. The Commission typically does not collect spectrum usage data, instead relying on third party sources from time to time to inform its decisions.

This proceeding will explore the feasibility, benefits, and limitations of techniques to understand non-Federal spectrum usage. The Notice seeks comment on best practices, operational considerations, and technical parameters, along with band-specific and service-specific considerations. It also seeks comment on the practical, technical, and legal considerations associated with any potential study of spectrum usage.

Action by the Commission August 3, 2023 by Notice of Inquiry (FCC 23-63). Chairwoman Rosenworcel, Commissioners Carr, Starks, and Simington approving. Chairwoman Rosenworcel and Commissioner Starks issuing separate statements.

Press Release

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