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The FCC is offering an online help center that includes tutorials and other resources to help Internet service providers as they prepare to submit broadband availability data into the new broadband data collection system developed for that purpose.

The filing window is from June 30 to September 1 for the project, whose goal is to update and improve the broadband maps. These maps are key tools in the allocation of tens of billions of dollars in federal funding.

ISPs will be called on to file biannual fixed and mobile broadband availability data into the new Broadband Data Collection (BDC) system. FCC video tutorials describe the availability and subscribership data that must be submitted and provide technical information on how the data must be submitted. The help center also includes options for requesting additional support, according to the FCC.

Ongoing additions to the help center will include tutorials and resources for state, local and Tribal governments. The BDC webpage is

“These new filer resources help pave the way for the FCC to begin accepting more precise and accurate availability data through the Broadband Data Collection,” Jean Kiddoo, the Chair of the FCC’s Broadband Data Task Force, said in a press release. “Our new help center and support materials will help service providers and other filers of broadband availability data navigate the new filing requirements ahead of the opening of the filing window and will ensure that filers can hit the ground running on June 30th.”

In April, the FCC made a preliminary version of the broadband serviceable location fabric available. That was seen as an important step in creating a more accurate broadband map The short-term goal of the release in April was to enable providers to learn how to submit the data. That data would have to be re-entered during the filing that begins on June 30.

The BDC will collect data that is current as of the first day of the filing period.

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