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Washington – December 1, 2022 – The FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau today
granted the first batch of new, flexible-use, county-based overlay wireless licenses made
available in the 2.5 GHz auction, Auction 108. With most of the available spectrum in the 2.5
GHz band located in rural areas, this auction provides vital spectrum resources to support
wireless services in rural communities.

“This is important spectrum, especially for rural America. I am grateful to our team for
moving forward quickly but carefully in processing these applications,” said FCC Chairwoman
Jessica Rosenworcel. “We continue to focus on ensuring that mid-band spectrum is available
for 5G and other next-generation wireless services.”

By today’s Public Notice, the FCC granted 51 of the 68 total long-form applications received
from winning bidders in Auction 108, following a thorough review of the applications and a
period of public comment. Of the 51 applications granted, 15 applicants obtained small
business bidding credits and 23 obtained rural service provider bidding credits. Staff review of the remaining Auction 108 long-form applications remains ongoing.

Press Release

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