Not wanting their telecom competitors to have all the fun, has launched what they claim to be is the first FTTH network for a cable company. Falcon is a cable overbuilder, operating a triple play network in Colorado Springs, CO with about 6,000 subscribers. They currently compete with both and . They also provide broadband wireless throughout their service territory. Randy DeYoung, Falcon’s CEO, commented that “…as a cable TV operator, Falcon will have the ability to offer both RF video services and advanced IPTV services via their leading edge fiber optic network.”

Technologies like GPON contribute to a “blurring of the line” between cable and telco. In the not too distant future, we may not be able to tell the difference. Falcon is a great example. They identify themselves as a cable company, yet they compete with Comcast using IPTV service over their FTTH plant and also operate a Lucent 5ESS telephone switch. How many traditional telecom companies have similar set ups? Quite a few. DeYoung thinks GPON will future proof his company and allow them to gain competitive advantage over Comcast and Qwest. With GPON, DeYoung says, “who cares about . And DSL, huh…please.”

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