Two gigabit pioneers — EPB and Google Fiber — have launched new high-speed broadband offers.

EPB is the Chattanooga municipal utility that pioneered gigabit service over a decade ago. It was followed not long after by Google Fiber in Kansas CIty, followed since then by numerous other markets.

EPB has launched a symmetrical 2.5 Gbps service in its 600-square-mile footprint, which includes areas around the city. The monthly charge for the service, dubbed Gig2.5, is $97.99.

Subscriptions include Smart Net Plus Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi uses 6e technology and is professionally installed.

“Gig2.5 provides customers with truly world-class connectivity that delivers abundant bandwidth today while future proofing their home network,” EPB Vice President of New Products Katie Espeseth said in a prepared statement.

“High bandwidth applications are here to stay. We’re committed to keeping our community on the cutting edge by exceeding expectations and maximizing options on our network with service up to 25 Gig.”

Google Fiber

Google Fiber is rolling out 20 Gbps service in Kansas City, the Triangle region of North Carolina, Arizona and Iowa. Head of Product Nick Saporito wrote in a blog post that other Google Fiber locations will roll out the service as deployment of Nokia 25G passive optical network (PON) equipment continues.

The monthly price for the package is $250 plus taxes and fees. 

“It’s a lot of speed for that price, and we know that it will enable innovators who want to be able to push what’s possible to truly get to work,” said Saporito.

Google Fiber’s intention to offer a combination of 20 Gbps and Wi-Fi 7 service was announced in late October. It was the first project from the company’s GFiber Labs. Google Fiber said at the time that the platform is capable of increasing speeds by a factor of 10 without requiring changes to deployed fiber and that it expected to roll out the service to the first customers by the end of this year.

It’s worth noting that EPB previously rolled out 25 Gbps service but at a considerably higher price than Google Fiber plans to charge — $1,500 per month for residential customers and $12,500 per month for commercial customers.

Apparently EPB saw demand for a service that would be faster than the company’s gigabit service but less costly than for the highest-speed services.

Joan Engebretson contributed to this report

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