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Munich and Dallas – July 25, 2017 – tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, today introduced a new proposal to build a robust framework in North America that fills the gap between person-to-person messaging (P2P) and application-to-person (A2P) messaging over short codes. The proposal focuses on making it easier for enterprises to connect with today’s consumers while enabling telecom operators to participate in a new interconnected global messaging ecosystem. The new framework addresses the demand and new uses for two-way mobile messaging, preserving what currently works and adding what’s missing for cloud-enabled enterprise communications.

The North American mobile ecosystem stands on the verge of a huge opportunity. The way enterprises communicate with employees, partners and consumers is changing. Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is at the center of the growing demand for real-time communication as enterprises and CPaaS providers are increasingly integrating texting into various customer engagement and collaboration solutions. The growing demand for enterprise messaging – and the inadequacy of short and long codes to meet it – has led the industry to improvise solutions.

“The enterprise messaging community is poised to grow alongside emerging two-way messaging because consumers increasingly prefer to interact with businesses via texting,” said Nicola Wolfram, CEO, tyntec. “However, the current system is complicated for operators and enterprises plus lacks the scalability required to meet the growing demand. We are taking action and have created a compelling framework for an ecosystem built on new platform technologies and cloud services that make it more user-friendly, scalable and flexible for the evolving needs of enterprise-to-consumer communications.”

tyntec’s proposal provides a common, interconnected global messaging ecosystem that will fill the gap between P2P messaging and short codes. Key benefits of the new ecosystem include:

  • Makes messaging simple, fast and safe for enterprises
  • Opens up vast new revenue streams for operators
  • Meets consumer expectations for communication with brands

“This new system augments the established messaging ecosystem by extending its current limits in scale, speed and convenience. It also offers a simple entry point for both operators and enterprises, ultimately satisfying the consumer demand for real-time, two-way interaction,” added Dr. Marco Lafrentz, Director of P2P and Cloud Services, tyntec. “This simple, online process will provide transparency through a centralized registry, technical enablement, independency and oversight.”

“Today’s ecosystem in North America makes enterprise messaging a complicated proposition. From case approval requirements to non-standardized interconnection layers, enterprises have little visibility into their A2P services. tyntec’s proposed creation of a neutral, transparent system to support enterprise-to-consumer messaging will facilitate messaging registration, consumption and control,” said Mark Winther, IDC’s VP and GM of Worldwide Telecommunications research. “As demand for enterprise messaging has sky-rocketed from short codes to long codes to toll-free to proxy number texting, tyntec’s proposal is an attractive way to help enterprises and operators open new revenue streams and better utilize two-way correspondence through A2P messaging.”

Press Release

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