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Petach Tikva, Israel, January 11, 2017 — ECI, a global provider of ELASTIC Network® solutions for service providers, critical infrastructures and data center operators, announced today that the Idaho Regional Optic Network (IRON) has chosen to upgrade its network infrastructure with ECI’s Apollo industry proven, packet-optical transport solution. This is part of IRON’s plan to help meet the continually expanding connectivity needs of its associates while keeping costs down.

IRON’s Charter Associates own and operate a dedicated high-speed fiber optic network infrastructure to support Idaho’s unique research, healthcare, education and government needs. The IRON network is Idaho’s dedicated connection to other research and education networks throughout the United States and around the world.

IRON primarily provides high speed 10/100G connectivity and Internet2 services to its associates. As demand continues to rise, IRON is looking to expand its current network with a scalable solution which is easy to install and maintain, yet able to serve its needs in both the short and long term. Adopting a solution that would be easy to migrate to future SDN architectures was an important requirement.

“We chose to work with ECI not only for the flexibility and adaptability of its current offering but also for its long term commitment to developing solutions which have a clear migration path to SDN. We were also very impressed with the various SDN POCs that we have privy to and ECI’s strong reputation with customers similar to us like DFN, Switch, GRNet and others. We are confident that ECI’s solutions will meet our requirements for a dependable, high speed optical network with strong management control as well as help to smoothly facilitate our eventual migration to SDN,” said Dan Ewart, President and CEO of IRON.

ECI’s Apollo product family, part of ECI’s converged packet-optical transport offering, is a state-of-the-art, transparent and flexible DWDM transport solution with integrated packet services.  Apollo combines high performance, low-latency, OTN transport and switching, with software configurable optical routing, for maximum efficiency. Ease of provisioning is guaranteed via ECI’s industry-leading LightSOFT® network management system, which provides unified, multi-layer, end-to-end network management through an intuitive, point and click user interface. LightSOFT supports full FCAPS across physical, OTN/SONET, MPLS, Ethernet, and optical layers. LightSOFT is able to manage tens of thousands of network elements, including those of third parties. This ensures openness, interoperability, ease of installation and management – prime IRON requirements.

“ECI continues to innovate and develop solutions that will enable customers to meet the demands of today and swiftly adapt to those of tomorrow. This is why we are already implementing a staggered strategy, for customers worldwide and with renewed vigor in the United States, that will enable seamless, cost effective migration to the new world, based on openness and flexibility.  Apollo and LightSOFT are an integral part of this approach. Customer feedback has been very positive. We are delighted to work with IRON, which is amongst our valued customers in the United States,” said Carlos Brito, General Manager Americas at ECI.

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