DVR penetration of U.S. households has grown significantly in the past five years, now reaching 40%, up from 8% five years ago. Over 50% of digital video subscribers have used VOD in the past month, whereas five years ago, 50% of this subscriber group had ever used VOD.

All of this according to new research released by Leichtman Research Group (LRG) in their new study, “On-Demand TV 2010: A Nationwide Study on VOD and DVRs.”

Other interesting findings from this research include:

  • 34% of DVR users have more than one DVR
  • The mean household income of DVR users is 34% above non-DVR users
  • The mean household income of cable VOD users is 10% above average
  • Netflix subscribers have a mean annual household income 24% above average
  • 87% of Netflix households subscribe to a multi-channel video service, and 34% subscribe to a premium service – similar to all households in the sample, and similar to Netflix households last year
  • 2% of all households use Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature daily, and an additional 6% use it weekly

LRG points out that while we’ve seen significant growth in services like DVR and VOD (including OTT options like Netflix), “…over 90% of all TV viewing in the US is still of live TV.”

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