announced a series of , including a partnership with to offer discounts on . DISH will also offer free DishHD service for six months and a free upgrade to an HD DVR receiver. The Sharp television partnership offers up to an $800 discount for a new Aqous HDTV. To top everything off, they will throw in free HBO and Cinemax for 3 monhs. There are obviously a variety of terms and restrictions, including an 18 month term commitment. On the surface, it’s a compelling HD bundle.

The battle for HD subscribers is increasingly becoming intense. has garnered much press for their claims of being able to soon , including local broadcast channels. The cable industry claims to offer better HD reception. is toting their ability to provide VOD HD feeds. The HD landscape is clear – most competitors are trying to find ways to leverage their own HD edge (real or perceived) to build competitive advantage. HD adoption is appears to be accelerating – and at a pace that many underestimated. The availability of lower priced HDTV’s from retailers like has certainly played a role. The content community is beginning to catch up, with almost weekly announcements of HD content availability. The result is a marketplace where competitors will need a robust HD strategy, and quickly.


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3 thoughts on “DISH Turns Up HD Competitive Heat

  1. Should service providers subsidize an HDTV purchase (or maybe lease them) to stir more adoption? Perhaps there is a cell phone model for IPTV. Subsidize the equipment for long term contracts. Make it a complete sale – service and equipment for one monthly price.

  2. Actually, there are some companies doing this already. West Kentucky Telephone leases TV’s and Comcast offers rebates/discounts on HDTV’s, which is in effect, subsidizing them.

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