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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– TodayDISH Media Sales and BidSwitch announced an agreement to integrate DISH’s ONPOINT Programmatic TV Platform into BidSwitch’s real-time partner ecosystem. The integration will mark BidSwitch’s first entry into offering TV inventory, introducing the big screen to the platform’s more than 150 demand partners. Integration is expected to be complete this summer, allowing advertisers and agencies to easily target and individually purchase DISH TV households nationwide using BidSwitch-connected demand platforms.

“This integration with DISH represents a very significant milestone, not only for BidSwitch, but for the many demand platform partners we serve within the RTB ecosystem. We’re delighted with the opportunity to play a significant role in pushing the evolution of programmatic TV forward with DISH, by enabling this highly sought-after inventory to the broader market,” said Barry Adams, BidSwitch VP, Commercial Development.

BidSwitch works to allow technology partners to quickly and seamlessly connect and trade across the ecosystem. The company’s addition of DISH’s ONPOINT Programmatic TV Platform will allow for 360-degree consumer reach across viewing experiences. Additionally, the integration will further enable brands to access the targeting effectiveness and scale of DISH’s addressable advertising technology and the full-screen ad viewability of TV.

“By connecting with BidSwitch, we can rapidly scale our programmatic TV business with a single integration that allows more than 150 demand partners to access our impressions,” said Adam Gaynor, vice president of DISH Media Sales. “Thousands of digitally-focused brands will be able to individually target, value and purchase DISH’s households in a real-time bidding environment that mimics the digital ecosystem familiar to them.”

DISH launched the pilot of its ONPOINT Programmatic TV Platform last fall with three initial demand partners. The platform allows advertisers per-impression control of targeting, frequency, trafficking and buying, enhanced by aggregated set-top-box reporting.

DISH’s ONPOINT Programmatic TV Platform features household-addressable advertising inventory that allows brands to deliver a targeted ad to a household utilizing anonymized data such as age, location and other consumer characteristics. The technology delivers a video ad to a DVR similar to a postcard ad being delivered to a mailbox. The ad plays in a regularly scheduled commercial break on live and recorded content to a household that has been anonymously matched to an advertiser’s desired audience.

Press Release

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