DirecTVWe all know the rumors about DirecTV being sold at some point. We speculated when Liberty bought DirecTV, their intention was to flip it to a buyer, presumably a large telco. AT&T has always been seen as the most potential suitor. But Martin Peers of the Wall Street Journal now speculates Verizon may be more in the running to buy DirecTV.

Peers bases much of his speculation on recent comments made by Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg. You know – the comments where he says Verizon looks more and more like Google, thus eliminating the need for central offices, yadda, yadda, yadda. But Seidenberg also emphasized video, along with wireless, as Verizon’s ‘new’ core services. What better way to catapult one’s self in the video business than to buy the number two pay TV provider in the nation – DirecTV. Buying a large cable company probably wouldn’t pass regulatory muster, nor give Verizon an immediate nationwide video footprint. But DirecTV – maybe.

Peers suggests such a union could create attractive video and wireless bundles. He’s right. Having DirecTV in the Verizon fold would provide that nationwide video footprint from which Verizon could leverage a decent video-wireless bundle, and quickly. One that all competitors would find difficulty competing with, AT&T included.

I’m hoping Verizon or AT&T step up to the plate – just so we don’t have to deal with the rumors anymore. What do you think? What are the odds of either telco behemoth picking up DirecTV?

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One thought on “DirecTV Sale Rumors Shift to Verizon

  1. i think att is the better fit. they have more footprint to cover and uverse has more limitations than fios. bigger question is which of the two would receive less regulator scrutiny?

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