The U.S. Treasury has approved Capital Projects Fund money for Delaware and Idaho. Delaware will receive $65.9 million and Idaho will receive $120 million.

The Capital Project Fund has a total budget of $10 billion and is designed to allot funding to every state that can be used for a variety of infrastructure projects, including broadband. Delaware chose to use 58% of its CPF allocation for broadband, while Idaho chose to use 93% of its allocation for that purpose.

Idaho CPF

The Idaho CPF funding will go toward the Idaho Broadband Advisory Board (IBAB) Broadband Infrastructure Grant – CPF (BIG-CPF) program. The program is designed to make reliable broadband available in areas lacking service at speeds of at least 100/20 Mbps.

The program will prioritize fiber broadband projects aiming to connect the greatest number of households. The state expects the funding to reach 35,000 locations.

Delaware CPF

Delaware will direct its CPF funding to the state’s Multi-Purpose Community Facility Program, which will provide funding for the construction and renovation of 29 nonprofit community facilities selected through a competitive grant process.

According to a U.S. Treasury press release, the facilities will help connect young people with job training and opportunities, and will provide services for homeless individuals, support for people with disabilities and public Wi-Fi access and health services for seniors.

To date, the CPF program has awarded approximately $6.5 billion for broadband, digital technology and multi-purpose community center projects in 41 states.

According to estimates from the states, the projects will reach more than 1.83 million locations.

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