Customer Satisfaction

AT&T fiber broadband services led fiber broadband providers with a score of 80 (out of 100) in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Telecommunications Study 2024. The carrier’s score matched what the carrier achieved in the prior year’s study.

Overall, satisfaction with the fiber internet service provider (ISP) category rose one point from 75 to 76 between 2023 and this year.

ACSI said that most fiber broadband providers maintained or improved their customer satisfaction ratings compared to last year’s report. CenturyLink was the exception, however, with a 3% drop to 76.

Verizon Fios finished at 77. Two fiber providers besides CenturyLink — Frontier (up 3%) and Google Fiber (unchanged) — attained ratings of 76.

Comcast Xfinity rose 3% to 75, followed by two providers new to the ACSI: Kinetic by Windstream (72) and Optimum from Altice (66).

Overall, customer satisfaction with internet providers rose 4% to 71 and fiber-based providers beat non-fiber providers by a score of 76 to 68.

The top non-fiber providers collectively finished at 68 this year and 66 in 2023.

The top non-fiber finishers were T-Mobile 5G Home Internet (73 in 2023; 76 in 2024); Verizon 5G Home Internet (not measured in 2023; 74 in 2024); AT&T Internet (72; 69); Cox (64; 68); Charter Spectrum (64; 68); Comcast Xfinity (68; 67); Altice Optimum (58; 63); CenturyLink (62; 62), Mediacom Xtream (65; 61); Frontier Communications (61; 59), and Kinetic by Windstream (70; 56). The “all other” category finished at 66 in 2023 and 65 in 2024.

A year ago, the ACSI Telecommunications Study 2022-2023 found that AT&T was the top provider across both the fiber and non-fiber realms with a score of 80. Fiber had a collective score of 75, which easily outpaced non-fiber connectivity’s score of 66.

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