In a revealing presentation, President Patrick Esser told the Progress and Freedom Foundation’s annual tech policy summit in Aspen, Colorado that they intend to capture 20% market share for wireless service. Rather than join the like their other cable brethren, Cox is going it alone through its recent . As reported by , Esser says he “…won’t divulge too many secrets here, but we’ll focus on providing simple calling plans, integrating all our services into one device with a consistent cross-platform interface; and making our content and applications mobile.”

Pretty bold comments considering the hyper-competitive marketplace for wireless. Achieving 20% penetration would be very impressive, especially for a company with no wireless experience. But Cox competitors shouldn’t take them lightly. They’ve been quite successful in capturing significant voice business from their telco competitors, and at one point, they had no experience with voice either. The pending move into wireless by the cable industry will be interesting to watch. They . But to their credit, they’re marching forward with a wireless act two. When and if they get it going, it will open up a new front in the bundling war between telco and cable. PC Magazine summed it up nicely with this Esser quote, “Frankly, we’re in a street fight today for customers in every single aspect of our business – from the Bells and the satellite guys, to the wireless carriers.” Happy hunting.

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