is apparently ignoring the recent research results which suggested that broadband pricing is still too high. According to, Cox is for many of their broadband tiers in several markets. Apparently, their “economy” tier will rise to $19.95 from $16.95 and their “value” tier to $29.95 from $26.95. Their “preferred” and “premiere” tiers are also rising to $44.95 and $59.95 respectively. These identified prices include bundle discounts for taking video. The Pew Research Center recently released their , in which one of the finding suggested that high prices for broadband is impeding higher broadband penetration rates for the U.S. The Pew results indicate growth in broadband penetration is relatively flat and “35% of dial-up users say that the price of broadband service would have to fall,” in order for them to give up dial up for broadband.

Of course that’s one opinion in the broadband pricing debate. Broadband carriers tend to have a different perspective, especially as the appetite for bandwidth continues to climb. Satisfying that growing subscriber appetite, while also holding the line on price is a challenge, they say. If the trend continues where broadband consumption continues to grow at a rapid pace, and there’s no indication it won’t, broadband carriers will continue to explore raising prices. Maybe even at the expense of slowing penetration growth. How are you coping with finding the right balance between price and penetration?

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3 thoughts on “Cox Raising Broadband Pricing

  1. forgive me, but i’m a little skeptical of these phone and cable companies crying about broadband pricing. Is it just me, but aren’t all of these companies enjoying record profits. Is “holding the line on price” really a challenge? I doubt it.

  2. Read the report again — there’s more to suggest it’s their economic status and desire to use the internet than it’s broadband pricing.

    Of course, everyone would like it priced to zero, but that’s not viable unless the gov’t helps in a big way.

  3. My take is a bit different. I got road runner in 1997 and I believe it was 3 meg then. Now it is 6.5 meg and the price went up 2 dollars, to $46.95. I dont have any other service with Time Warner. I have DirecTV and Vonage which beats the bundle by about $20.00. The quality is better with satellite, Vonage I don’t care and the bandwidth is the best in the area. If someone would offer a 50 meg deal I will probably jump on it. Greensboro, NC will probaly take some years to really see competition. It will have to be AT&T with Uverse.

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