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Interop Future-Proof SMSC, MMSC, WAP Gateway, and CSC Gateway Solutions To Support Cox’s Wireless Services

FORT MYERS, FL.—Aug. 31, 2009—Interop Technologies, the premier provider of core wireless solutions for messaging, device management, and gateway connectivity, today announced that Cox Communications, the third largest cable operator in the United States, has selected Interop to provide the operator with solutions including the SMSC (SMS Center) 4 Series, Multimedia Messaging Center (MMSC), WAP Gateway, and the hosted Common Short Code (CSC) Gateway.

“Interop is extremely pleased to support Cox as it continues to develop innovative, integrated services for its customers,” said John Dwyer, President and CEO of Interop Technologies. “We look forward to helping Cox tailor its sophisticated services and deliver a top-notch wireless experience.”

“SMS, MMS, short-code messaging, and access to the mobile Internet are essential to the Cox customer experience,” said Dane Dickie, Cox’s Executive Director of Wireless Product Development. “Our wireless solutions must be reliable and scalable to ensure we consistently deliver the leading-edge, converged services that are at the core of the Cox wireless experience.”

Interop solutions apply highly scalable architecture from the Internet world, an environment in which massive throughput and absolute availability are requirements, to the messaging and connectivity environment. All of the company’s solutions provide “five-nines” (99.999 percent) reliability and a simple migration path to next-generation, IP-based technologies. As operators make changes to network technologies, Interop accommodates them with state-of-the-art protocol gateways.

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