Annie, the CGI sheep, does things a little differently, just like Cox Mobile.

Cox Communications’ mobile phone service, Cox Mobile, today announced a new marketing campaign, featuring Annie, a CGI sheep.

The mascot’s brand was designed to reflect the values of Cox Mobile customers, according to a press release — she’s “kind, honest, purposeful and independent, a champion of individuality.”

Annie was designed to represent Cox Mobile’s customer-focused approach to mobile plans, which enable customers to pay for only the data they need, and which allow customers to change plans at any time, the company said.

Cox looked to make Annie unique by placing a signature lightning bolt “tattoo” on her wool. It’s designed to be a “visual representation of celebrating what makes each customer different,” Cox said.

Cox announced the nationwide launch of Cox Mobile at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

“With unlimited talk and text and no term agreements, Cox Mobile customers have access to two simple data plans designed with their needs and budget in mind,” Cox said in the Cox Mobile marketing release. Those plans include Pay As You Gig and Gig Unlimited.

“We recognize that our customers don’t want a “one-size-fits-all” mobile experience from their provider” Mark Lawson, Cox Communications executive vice president, chief marketing and sales officer, said in a prepared statement. “We created Annie to represent Cox Mobile’s commitment to providing a better, more individualized mobile experience.”

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6 thoughts on “Cox Mobile Draws on CGI for Marketing Campaign Starring a Sheep

  1. I seriously don’t understand the sheep, Annie, in connection to Cox mobile. I read this and have researched but it makes no sense. Someone explain please.

  2. This is my favorite advertisement, because I love little animals. The point Cox Mobile is trying to make is that no two customers are alike, and the company wants to appeal to the differences between us. Just like human customers, Annie is unique – different from the other sheep in the flock. She prefers to eat her grass from a china plate while listening to music. She likes to explore and to frequent places that mostly cater to humans, like restaurants and tattoo parlors. I am looking forward to many other advertisements featuring Annie in the upcoming future!

  3. From an advertising point of view, if you have to explain the logo, it’s a bad logo. The first thing I thought of when I saw a sheep is that they think that all their customers are sheep. The logo didn’t make me feel good about Cox. They wasted their money on that design.

    1. *LOL* That’s because Cox DOES think all their customers are sheep! We are trying to get rid of Cox because it is the single biggest expense, as well as headache, in our home. There just aren’t a lot of alternatives where we live. BAAAAAAH

  4. I don’t get the sheep at all. Too much explanation. Doesn’t make sense and too complicated. It’s a distraction.

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