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Cox Edge, a “full stack” edge-cloud computing service, has been introduced by Cox Communications. Cox joins a variety of network operators who are putting more attention on the edge of the network to meet growing demand for consumer, enterprise, and industry demand for low latency applications.

The new service is designed to bring computing closer to users and, as much as possible, eliminate distance as a limiting factor in the services and applications that can be offered. This is being driven by emerging applications that are increasingly time-sensitive. The Cox Edge will reduce latency to the point that it delivers near real-time app performance, reduce cloud transport costs and provide better security, according to Cox.

The Cox Business service, which is deployed from last-mile edge data centers, offers virtual compute, storage, bare metal, edge CDN, distributed database services, serverless computing, distributed containers and enterprise Kubernetes.

“Across all industries, companies are creating applications and user experiences that require workloads to be processed at the edge to unlock new levels of performance,” Sujata Gosalia, Cox’s executive vice president and chief strategy officer, said in a press release. “Cox is proud to deliver these powerful services to developers and enterprises as a telecommunications provider, leveraging our network’s proximity to businesses and consumers.”

Edge and edge-cloud integrated platforms are proliferating as applications that are video or gaming centric, are part of a massive IoT ecosystem, have robust security requirements, or rely on artificial intelligence, among others gain in popularity. This week, for instance, Verizon announced mobile gaming initiatives that will rely heavily on 5G and mobile edge computing.

Cox Business provides connectivity, communications, cloud and video services to more than 355,000 small and regional businesses nationwide. The company recently announced plans to expand its footprint on the eastern seaboard through an acquisition of regional provider Segra.

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