to at least two bundled services, and 30% subscribe to at least three services. Compare that with , who by our estimation, has about a 45% penetration for at least two bundled services. is a little more difficult to compare with because they really have two classes of residential subscribers – those with access and those without. Here are Cox’s reported subscriber counts with corresponding year over year growth rates:

  • 5.96 million total residential customer relationships; 1.6% growth
  • 3.7 million bundled customers; 9.0% growth
  • 2.38 million telephone subscribers; 17.7% growth
  • 3.7 million high-speed Internet subscribers; 11.3% growth
  • 3.1 million digital cable subscribers; 10.8% growth
  • 557,000 “non-video” residential customers; 24.5% growth

Cox has always been seen as a leader in the MSO industry for bundling. They were bundling voice service using traditional circuit switched service (as opposed to today’s cable VoIP service) long before other cable companies got in on the act. Part of the reason they can brag about these impressive bundling penetration figures is because they have been at it longer than probably any other national MSO or telecom carrier. Cox is projecting over 4 million bundled customers in 2008.

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