reports in their February issue that represented by and are the most consistently “satisfying providers for their Internet, television, and telephone services.” Interestingly enough, Consumer Reports (CR) labels both FiOS and U-Verse as fiber optic based services, which seems to contribute to their favorable rating. CR will surely be receiving clarification memos from Comcast, Cox, and other MSOs who will point out that U-Verse is no more fiber based than they are. I’m sure those same cable companies are ‘thrilled’ to see that CR recommends highly rated cable companies like Cox, Cablevision, and Brighthouse as ‘fine alternatives’ where ‘telco-delivered service is not available.’ Second fiddle will have to do. Cable can’t catch a break from CR. They also recommend opting for telco/DBS bundles when ‘television service is a priority’ and fiber optic services are not available. Ouch!

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