Consumer Reports just published the findings from tests of the new iPhone 4. Apple is not going to be thrilled about the results. Consumer Reports takes the now famous iPhone 4 reception and ‘signal strength’ issue head on. They conclude that they cannot recommend the iPhone 4. Ouch.

“Our findings call into question the recent claim by Apple that the iPhone 4’s signal-strength issues were largely an optical illusion caused by faulty software that mistakenly displays 2 more bars than it should for a given signal strength,’” says CR on their website.

Very shortly after the release of the iPhone 4, complaints began to pile up about signal strength being negatively impacted by the way the phone was held. Specifically, if a part of the phone was touched or covered by the users hand or finger, signal strength would noticeably drop. Apple responded and said the issue was a software glitch that causes the signal strength indicator (number of bars) to incorrectly display the actual signal strength. Translation – there’s nothing wrong with the actual signal strength, it just appears that way, and a future software upgrade will fix it. Consumer Reports says not so fast Apple.

In a rare occurrence, Consumer Reports goes on to say that AT&T’s network is not a contributing factor. “The tests also indicate that AT&T’s network might not be the primary suspect in the iPhone 4’s much-reported signal woes.”

All is not lost though. CR says the problem can be easily fixed by placing duct tape over the suspect portion of the phone. So there you have it – one of the most technologically advanced devices in the history of humankind – fixed with duct tape. I continue to be amazed at the infinitival uses of duct tape!

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4 thoughts on “Consumer Reports Calls Out Apple, iPhone 4

  1. Hey, a new use for duct tape. Who knew? I wonder if duct taping some bailing wire to the Iphone would help increase the signal strength… ha ha ha

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