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Consolidated Communications said will be building fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks capable of supporting gigabit speeds in Greenfield, Jaffrey, Marlow, Roxbury and Peterborough, New Hampshire, as residents of those communities recently approved the construction.

Public/private partnerships typically arise in communities where broadband buildout costs are so high that service providers cannot build a business case for deployment. Consolidated has emphasized public/private partnerships as a means of serving these communities.

The announcement, and the fact that townspeople voted to approve the deployments, suggest that the projects will be made possible through public/private partnerships. Although details were not provided, the announcement notes that such partnerships “utilize public funding solutions” and are “integral” to Consolidated’s work with public entities to deliver high-speed broadband service.

With the most recent agreements, Consolidated’s fiber network will reach an additional 9,600 New Hampshire homes and businesses with symmetrical speed of up to a gigabit.

Today’s announcement comes less than two months after Consolidated Communications reached agreements on eight public-private partnerships across New Hampshire and Vermont.

Additionally, the town of Temple, N.H., is scheduled to vote on the construction of their proposed Internet network by Consolidated next month.

“We know Internet access is critical for individuals, families and businesses, and we are diligent in our pursuit to connect more people to the fastest, most reliable broadband services by working with rural towns in the state, and across the region,” said Rob Koester, senior vice president, consumer product management at Consolidated Communications, in a prepared statement about the latest New Hampshire gigabit agreements.

“This partnership with Consolidated is life-changing for the town of Greenfield and its residents and businesses,” said Tom Bascom, broadband committee chair, in a prepared statement. “Unlike other towns, there has never been any broadband available in Greenfield, so we are exceptionally eager to see the fiber going up on the poles. Downtown or in the woods, everyone will have broadband available. Universal access to reliable fiber Internet will open up new opportunities and simplify working and learning from home and accessing telehealth and other important services for everyone in town. We can’t wait to get started.”

Beyond those and other private-public partnerships, Consolidated is upgrading more than 70% of its passings to symmetrical, gig speeds over a five-year period, including 300,000 locations to be upgraded this year.

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