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Brooklyn, NY, October 24, 2011 – CloverLeaf Digital LLC, a leading independent provider of interactive television applications and services, today announced that Consolidated Communications, one of the largest independent local telephone companies in the United States, has launched CloverLeaf’s DashVideo local video publishing application providing cities, schools and other community organizations with the ability to easily upload videos to Consolidated Communication’s VOD service.

DashVideo is an end-to-end application that allows Consolidated Communications to give community organizations permission to access the password-protected DashVideo website and upload a video asset right from their PC. DashVideo automatically manages the transcoding of the video asset to the target codec, and delivers and ingests it on the specified server, along with handling the metadata and the descriptive content input by the publisher. The entire process is automated with an easy to use administrative interface. The video is then available to be played from either the VOD menu, or a special player app provided by CloverLeaf.

Consolidated Communications launched DashVideo in all of its IPTV markets in Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas. Rob Koester, Director of Product Management at Consolidated Communications, said: “We have needed an automated solution for the ingestion of local VOD content for several years. Due to the time consuming process of manually transcoding and ingesting VOD content, we have not been able to keep up with the requests from cities for us to offer videos of city council meetings and other civic events, and from school districts to include high school football games on our VOD service. With CloverLeaf’s DashVideo, we just give the organization a user name and password to access the website and the DashVideo application does the rest.”

“Local video is a powerful differentiator for independent service providers, but can be very labor-intensive,” CloverLeaf’s Managing Partner Lawrence Brickman said. “DashVideo not only enables Consolidated to manage the process with minimal effort, it also helps them to satisfy the needs of influential local community organizations, turning the organizations into programming partners. DashVideo is perfect for churches, cities, schools and other community organizations, and continues the CloverLeaf tradition of providing applications that are very simple to use, while performing complex manipulations behind the scenes.”

Press Release

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