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Consolidated Communications has made 1 Gbps broadband available to 22,000 residential and business locations in Sacramento and Roseville, CA. Consolidated gigabit service is also available to more than 1,500 locations in Elk Grove and Citrus Heights.

Consolidated entered the Sacramento area nearly 10 years ago when it purchased SureWest Communications. Consolidated said that it does not impose data caps, throttle speeds, or charge for heavy users. The provider announced two fiber builds in Roseville in May 2019.

“Gigabit broadband Internet access gives residents the speeds they need to work and learn from home and helps businesses more efficiently access the cloud,” Rob Koester, the senior vice president of consumer product management at Consolidated Communications, said in a press release. about the Consolidated gigabit expansion. “The delivery of Gig speeds supports the high-bandwidth activities of residents and small businesses, and we know these benefits, and others, will improve the broadband experience in the community.”

Last December, Consolidated said it would upgrade 1.6 million locations across its 23-state footprint to symmetrical, Gig speeds over a five-year period.

The company has also been quite active in its Northeast U.S. markets, especially through the use of public-private partnerships. One million of the 1.6 million upgraded locations are in the carrier’s Northeast market, which it gained through its acquisition of FairPoint for $1.3 billion in 2017.

Consolidated Network Map
Consolidated Network Map (Source: Cnsolidated Communications)

Consolidated Communications operates in rural and metro communities across 23 states and manages a 46,600 route mile fiber network.

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One thought on “Consolidated Gigabit Fiber Expands to Two California Markets

  1. During your new installation of broadband services in antelope California, your installers have damaged my existing sprinkler system. I also fear for my main waterline. Installers used Jack hammer around my water main, damaging my in ground sprinkler system. I now have a geyser next to my water main. There are no contact numbers to call. Consolidated/surewest, clearly does not care about residential property they destroy while installing new and improved communication lines!

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