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PORTLAND, Maine, April 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Consolidated Communications, Holdings, Inc., (NASDAQ: CNSL), a leading broadband and business communications provider, announced the completion of a year-long project to expand and upgrade broadband to businesses and residents of Brooklin, Maine.

One year after the town voted to approve the innovative partnership, Consolidated announced completion of the expanded and upgraded network. The project included additional fiber capacity, upgrading existing equipment and building new remote terminal sites that expand broadband availability and provide faster internet service in the town. The project also paves the way for future technology implementations and upgrades.

“When we began this build, we had no way of knowing that its completion would coincide with a global pandemic,” said Rob Koester. “At Consolidated, we understand just how crucial reliable high speed Internet is for businesses and residents, and we’re thrilled to offer more people in Brooklin the tools they need to stay connected.”

The project resulted in faster, highly reliable, broadband connectivity, representing increased bandwidth speeds for many locations in Brooklin. It also allows people to work from home using a reliable connection that supports remote access and video conferencing; to create and upload high-bandwidth content and to take advantage of smart-home devices thus creating numerous, lasting economic development, e-commerce and quality-of-life benefits and opportunities for rural American communities like Brooklin.

Network construction was jointly funded by Consolidated and the town of Brooklin, and was completed on schedule. Consolidated crews placed approximately 22,600 feet of new fiber optic cable in the town, and installed battery back-up for four remote terminals bolstering network reliability.

“From the beginning, residents and businesses in our town have expressed their enthusiastic support for broadband expansion,” said Bill Cohen, chair of the Brooklin select board. “Now more than ever, access to reliable high speed internet is absolutely essential – and through our partnership with Consolidated, we are pleased to be able to expand availability and upgrade speeds in Brooklin.”

Consolidated Communications is working diligently to bring better broadband Internet services to other unserved and underserved rural communities throughout Northern New England. In 2019 Chesterfield, N.H., residents voted to enter into a public-private partnership with Consolidated Communications to build a high-speed, fiber-to-the-premises Internet network directly to all homes and businesses. So far in 2020, Consolidated has entered into five additional public-private partnerships with Walpole, Dublin, Westmoreland, Rindge and Harrisville, N.H. Customers can read more about the company’s progress in Northern New England by visiting its Progress webpage.

Additionally, consumers now have access to the latest, CCiTV, Consolidated’s next-gen television solution offering everything from local channels, to news and sports, to movies and music – and gives customers the flexibility to watch on a TV, computer, tablet or smart phone. The company’s center enables existing customers to place new orders and upgrade services online.

Press Release

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