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CONROE, Texas, June 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Consolidated Communications (Nasdaq:CNSL) today announced the launch of 1 gigabit residential Internet service across its existing fiber network in the Houston-area market, the second in a series of gigabit launches for the Company. Consolidated Communications, Inc. (CCI) announced its first 1 gigabit service in Kansas City in late 2014.

“Streaming video, home-based business applications and cloud services are just a few of the applications driving our customers’ need for faster Internet connections and more bandwidth,” said Rob Koester, vice president of consumer product marketing for CCI.

CCI’s Texas fiber network in Conroe and Katy has the capacity to deliver blazing fast 1 gigabit speeds to support bandwidth intense activities such as high-definition television, cloud-based services and Voice over IP. The new 1 gigabit package is available immediately for $69.95 per month with no construction or installation fees.

“Our continued rollout of 1 gigabit service across our markets demonstrates our commitment to meeting our customers’ expectations today, tomorrow and into the future,” added Koester. “We have the network, expertise and people based in the Houston-area to deliver the fastest, most reliable, high quality service.”

To find out more about CCI’s 1 gigabit service, visit

Press Release

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