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MATTOON, Ill. – April 23, 2018 – Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNSL), a leading broadband and business communications provider, today launched its Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation solution. Using an innovative, multi-stage approach to monitor, detect and mitigate the most complex DDoS attacks, businesses partnering with Consolidated Communications can proactively identify and thwart intrusions before they cause costly business disruptions.

“Security is paramount for our business customers,” said Doug Abolt, vice president of commercial product management at Consolidated Communications. “With more than half of all businesses experiencing a DDoS attack at least once a year and these attacks becoming more sophisticated, Consolidated Communications provides an enhanced level of DDoS protection. Our turnkey installation and proactive monitoring ensures increased productivity and cost savings as we guard businesses from attacks that could cripple their network and systems.”

Consolidated Communications takes a comprehensive approach to network, application and web security with multi-layer protection by partnering with industry leaders to provide unrivaled protection. The Company’s leading edge technologies ensure that during attacks legitimate traffic is still able to reach a customer’s network, protecting uptime and mitigating the risks associated with malicious attacks.

Consolidated’s DDoS Mitigation solution offers customers robust reporting and analytics, and a deeper view into traffic trends and potential threats, with the network intelligence to take corrective action before an organization’s infrastructure is impacted. Consolidated customers are notified when potential attacks are identified and work begins immediately by the Company’s experienced managed security team to initiate mitigation on all affected circuits 24 x 7.

DDoS Mitigation is the latest addition to Consolidated Communications’ suite of security services, including Cloud Secure and On-Site Secure. Learn more about Consolidated’s DDoS Mitigation solution at

Press Release

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