The number of American Internet users that watched videos online reached 179 million in June and watched online video a record-high 6.2 billion times, according to the latest results from the comScore Video Metrix service. Viewing hours totaled 16.8 per viewer for the month.

Google Sites, primarily YouTube, continued to dominate the comScore’s league tables when it came to unique video viewers, attracting nearly 150 million unique viewers who engaged in 2.31 billion viewing sessions and spent an average 324.1 minutes viewing in June.

Vevo and Yahoo! sites ranked second and third, with 63 million and 52.7 million unique viewers, with 399.5 million and 247.8 million viewing sessions, respectively, with the average viewer spending 112 and 34.8 minutes viewing.

Trailing Google, VEVO and Yahoo!, the seven nine other online video providers comScore ranks — Microsoft, Viacom Digital, Facebook, AOL, Turner Digital, Hulu and Amazon Sites, in descending rank order–clustered in a range from 21.25 million to 50.67 million unique viewers.

comScore’s online video ad rankings paint a much different picture. Americans watched nearly 5.3 billion online video ads in June, reaching 49.2% of the US population an average of 35.6 times during the month.

Hulu had the highest number of video ad impressions with more than 1 billion, with Tremor Media Video Network ranked second overall and highest among video ad networks, with 753 million ad views., at 678 million, and BrightRoll Video Network, at 629 million, followed.

Specific Media, Undertone, SpotXchange Video Ad Network, Viacom Digital, Microsoft Sites and AOL followed in descending order, ranging, highest to lowest, from 421.7 million to 217.35 million online video ads viewed.

Other findings from the June Video Metrix report included:

  • 85.6% of US Internet users watched video ads during the month.
  • Tremor Media, at 44.3%, BrightRoll Video Network, at 38.5%, and Break Media, at 37.6%, were the top video ad networks in terms of reach in June.
  • The average length of online video content was 5.4 minutes, while the average online video ad lasted 0.4 minutes.
  • Video ads made up 13.6% of all videos viewed online and 1.3% of total viewing minutes.

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