DigitalBridge Communications, a Reston,VA based broadband wireless service provider, will launch a competitive WiMAX network in Rexburg, Idaho. The service is scheduled to launch on June 7. This represents one of, if not, the first commercial deployments of a WiMAX network in the U.S. Many more are soon to follow, as WiMAX becomes a reality in the U.S., providing a compelling competitive tool for service providers, large and small.

Read this Sun Valley Online article for more details.

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One thought on “Competitive WiMAX Network Launches in Idaho

  1. DigitalBridge USA, a company which had received $20 million in funding in Jan 2008 has taken the lead in announcing the launch of WiMAX services. It has commenced services initially in markets of Jackson,Wyo, Idhaho Falls and Appomatox,VA which will be expanded to other markets in the near future.
    The initial service launch branded as “ BridgeMaxx” has been offered at $ 25 per month and can be used with WiMAX enabling add on cards or USB modems. The demonstrations of the initial roll out featured YouTube Videos in moving vehicles among other applications.
    By being ahead of majors such as Sprint XOHM, it demonstrates that it is not necessary to have large capital outlays as a precursor tpo launch of these services as is usually made out to be. The technology is also not one which remains to be proven, as trials in over 300 locations have reinforced, nor is the availaibility of Customer devices such as modems auch a major isssue.

    Incidentally this also reflects a similar trends seen in other countries, and makes WiMAX one of the technologies to get ahead of established companies whose infrastructure can not be matched by newcomers But the services can, as well demonstrated by the $25 per month broadband access offering lauhced this month.
    One of the advantages touted by the CEO of DigitalBridge P.Kelly Dunne is the fact that such networks can be built to tailor to areas with unmet demand and networks built modularly.

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