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Boston, Massachusetts – February 1, 2023 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Community Phone, a leader in transforming the communications industry by offering an easy and affordable solution to traditional wired landline service, is excited to announce its expansion into the state of California.

The move provides residents and businesses in the Golden State with an affordable and convenient option for keeping their landlines in advance of FCC 19-72, which removed the requirement that telecom service providers offer “analog voice-grade copper loops” on an unbundled basis at regulated rates.

“California’s largest telephone providers, AT&T, Verizon, Cox Optimum and many others have made it clear they are replacing their copper wire infrastructure with internet based fiber optic cables, and leaving old fashioned landlines in the dust,” said Community Phone CEO James Graham, “This migration can be disruptive in the worst possible way for seniors, businesses and many homeowners who rely landline phone service.”

While this shift saves money for providers, it is difficult for consumers to find a provider continuing to offer all the features one needs. That’s where Community Phone comes in.

Graham added, “After decades of tightly regulating phone companies to keep telephony rates reasonable and reliable, the FCC no longer sees any reason to require carriers to continue offering copper-wire service. As landline usage declines, rates are going up, which is why we created a phone service that allows people and businesses that require landlines to get ahead of the curve.”

While much of California is now making calls through cell phones and internet providers, it is important to realize that the landline is still a lifeline for many, particularly seniors. Seniors aren’t alone in this battle. 5.5% of California’s residents don’t have adequate broadband infrastructure and 59.2% live in areas that have only one internet provider, limiting their internet-based landline options. Without a landline, they have no easy way to connect to family, friends, doctors, and care providers. For these seniors and families, landlines aren’t “burdensome” and “outdated”; they are a critical service.

Small businesses in rural areas are facing the same challenge. California currently ranks 15th among states in BroadbandNow’s 2023 rankings of internet coverage, speed, and availability. Rolling blackouts have also impacted business with more than 50,000 blackout events occurring annually, impacting tens of millions of users.

Most businesses shift to VoIP when copper wire service ends, but that’s not an option for those businesses without broadband. Cell phones aren’t ideal for businesses’ main lines since they can get lost or stolen. A landline is often the best option for brick-and-mortar businesses that need dedicated lines to customers.

With more than 100 million landlines in the US, and approximately 10 million in California, Community Phone provides an alternative that’s affordable, seamless and non-intrusive.

Unlike other providers, Community Phone’s landline phone service offers a wide range of features that are essential for those who rely on their telephone service for business or personal reasons. With this expansion, Community Phone is making it easier than ever for people to make the switch and save money in the process.

With Community Phone, customers can plug most landline phones into the provided base. The base plugs into a typical power outlet and uses cell phone technology without needing a cell phone contract. There is also added peace of mind for seniors and small businesses since the phone keeps working with battery backup in the event of a power outage when the internet can go down. Customers can also keep their phone number, something important to many older adults who have had the same number for decades.

Founded in 2018, Community Phone has been successful in states like Texas, Massachusetts and Wisconsin in offering features that homes and businesses need.

Press Release

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