that two-thirds of the new 492K broadband subscribers signed up during the first quarter of 2008 churned from telecom DSL offers. Other interesting metrics for their cable modem high speed Internet product include:

  • Added 492,000 high-speed Internet subscribers, reaching 28% penetration or 14.1 million customers
  • High-speed Internet revenue increased 12% to $1.8 billion
  • High speed Internet evenue growth of 13% from the previous year
  • 2% decline in average monthly revenue per subscriber to $42.18 for high speed Internet

The decline in Comcast’s HSI ARPU is primarily attributable to an uptake in their Economy Internet service, which offers 768Kbps service for approximately $25/month.

Comcast continues to see impressive gains in voice service as well. It’s quite clear that broadband and voice services are Comcast’s growth engine. Voice revenues increased 65% and HSI revenues increased by 13%, while video revenues increased by only 5% “It’s the diversification of revenue streams that is the strength of our business,” said Comcast Chief Executive Brian Roberts, as reported in the Wall Street Journal. For voice service, interesting metrics include:

  • Added 639,000 Comcast Digital Voice (CDV) customers during the first quarter
  • Voice penetration reached 12% or 5.1 million customers
  • Phone revenue increased 65% to $587 million in the first quarter of 2008 from $356 million in 2007

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3 thoughts on “Comcast: Two-Thirds of New Broadband Customers Churn From DSL

  1. I’d be interested to know how Comcast knows where their new broadband customers come from. How do they accurately capture that metric? I just recently signed up for their triple play package, and no one asked me about what type of broadband I had prior.

  2. I am sorry but I would rather do business with AT&T than Charter. Charter has the worse customer service record in the industry AND is the same company whose executives were convicted of stock fraud for manipulating subscriber counts. Also, isn’t Cablevision run by the Dolan family out of NYC?? I can only imagine how they’re running a cable company in light of their misadventures with the NY Knicks.

  3. umm..AT&T? you for real? att kinda blows out in NYC. To think about it I don’t even believe they offer broadband services. It’s pretty much timewarner, cable vision and DSL by verizon.

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