Who needs FTTH when can deliver 100 Mbps. Maybe those discussions are going on internally to , who announced they are pulling the trigger on 3.0 in 20% of their markets by the end of 2008. Light Reading’s Cable Digital News is reporting that Comcast’s chief technology officer Tony Werner revealed these DOCSIS 3.0 plans at the conference. DOCSIS 3.0 uses channel bonding to significantly increase bandwidth rates. It also leverages a variety of technologies to broaden the content experience for subscribers. For example, Comcast intends to use 3.0 to blend traditional multi-channel video content with Internet video content through a 3.0 enabled residential gateway. The end result will be a broader content and entertainment experience for customers and “FTTH like” broadband speeds, both of which, may contribute in bringing competitive parity with FTTH competitors.

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