Comcast FBI PromotionAs a part of their ongoing FBI triple play marketing campaign, featuring Shaquille O’Neal, Comcast is quietly offering a free netbook for new triple play subscribers. I noticed the free netbook offer during a television commercial airing in the metro Washington DC market. In June of this year, Verizon launched a free netbook offer for new triple play customers.

I contacted Comcast’s Consumer & Product Communications team, who informed me that the free netbook offer is not a universal offering. “It’s a choice of the local market to take it or not – it could run in Uverse markets, FiOS markets and more – up to the market to put it in their rotation,” said Mary Nell Westbrook, Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Comcast via email.

I suspect Comcast will pick up the pace with free netbook offers, especially when WiMAX enabled versions become widely available. Given their ongoing expansion of High-Speed 2Go, their WiMAX powered broadband wireless product, one could easily see free netbook offers tied to triple play and broadband packages.

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342 thoughts on “Comcast Matches Competitors Free Netbook Promotion, Sort Of

  1. I was told by the installer that I qualified and had received the notice in the mail as well. I had the triple play installed. When I called today they told me I didn't qualify. The reasons made no sense.

    1. We were told we qualified too and that is the only reason we got the triple play package. Now they are saying we can't have the netbook and are stuck in a two year contract paying more than we originally wanted. I have already reported them to the Better Business Bureau and plan on taking it further.

    2. I have been waiting since August and stil have not rec'd it. I have been calling and even went into their office for the last 2 months and was given the run around all this time. 2 weeks ago I was told it shipped and to call back a week later for the tracking number I called back and after being transferred and hung up so many times I finally spoke with a supervisor in the promotions dept who told me that I would not be getting the netbook they did not receive the contract in time and that I was in a different contract with them now for the special triple play price that was it. I am climbing up the ladder with comcast to get to the bottom of this how can you say it's been shipped and then tell me you are not getting one. Why didnt someone tell me I was not in the contract from the get go I would of cancelled months ago. One of their techs told me he thought the whole promotion was a gimmick anyway.

      1. I've also been waiting for my netbook since August of last year. When I called in Oct, they said I had to wait to make 3 payments on time, which I did. Then when I called in Nov, they told me that they have no records of contract, when I signed the contract electronically on their website. In Dec they told me that I should receive something soon. Today when I called, they customer service lady said she filled out a 'form' and someone will call with next 3-4 days. I highly doubt I will get a call…I am not sure what else do to get my netbook. I think this entire thing is a scam. If I don't receive hear back by end this week, BBB will also get a complaint from me.

        1. I did the same thing, eventually I got an explanation that I didn't do something right, I figured, oh well, I could get angry about it and call my bbb or try something legal. But in reality, whats the point, you will be out legal fees…AND a netbook.

    3. I signed up for triple play in August, was going satalite but my wife wanted that net book so we excepted their promotion. This is January and I still haven't recieved it. In speaking with them I keep getting some bul–it excuse. Is anyone else dealing with this?

      1. I am noticing that many of the ones who signed up in August are either experiencing delays or not even getting their netbook, like myself. The best approach is to contact the Better Business Bureau and your State's Attorney General. We did both, and let me say it does get Comcast's attention. We have been waiting since August and should receive our netbook by the end of this month. Whatever you do don't give up, that's what Comcast is banking on, the BBB and State AG will make this process a lot easier for all of you.
        Good Luck.

    4. That is the same they did to me. I called and got their reg.agent name and address in Pa. I sent a 10 day letter explaining I would be filing suit in small claims court for the net book and 1000.00 in mental damages and within a week I got my tracking number in the mail. HOWEVER, I am still waiting on it to arrive.

    5. I signed up for the same Triple Play promotion in August. I signed my contract online. Months later, when I asked when I'd receive the netbook, I was told that it was coming, but it never showed up. Weeks later I called again only to be told that they had no record of my signing the electronic contract. Of course, it was my word against theirs, and I felt frustrated that Comcast was cheating me out of the promised netbook. I must have spent twenty combined hours on the phone talking to different supervisors, getting hung up on, etc. I finally filed a complaint online with the Better Business Bureau. It cost me nothing, and within a week I got a phone call from a Comcast supervisor who promised to fix the situation AND who gave me his direct phone number. Within 3 weeks I received the netbook So…my advice is to file a complaint with the BBB. It's free, and it works. Thank heavens.

    6. I was told the same. I persisted for 8 months and they finally relented and sent me my netbook. You must stay on them or they will make every excuse in the book!!!!!!

  2. comcast always tries to screw customers with some play on words for why they overcharge or flat out lie. I will be glad when it catches up with them. I upgraded and they said I'd be prorated. They charge was 3 times the charge for an entire month. CRAZY

  3. the fine print on the offer I received in the mail said that delivery of the netbook may take up to 16 weeks. 4 months is too long to wait for any special offer like this

  4. Psssh. It's comcast. They're rated second worse in customer service!!!!!
    PS: It won't come in 4 to 6 weeks. If it even does! Theyre so scandalous who knows if youll even get it!

  5. I recently signed up for the triple play. Before I did I asked numerous times about the netbook and was reassured that I qualified. Now it seemes they are trying to avoid the issue. Has anyone actually received this netbook?


      1. I had the exact experience. According to the promotion wording, I should receive the netbook within 16 weeks after the installation. Today is the 16th week, no netbook at all. I think this calls for a class action.

      2. I am on hold with customer service as I type this. I also signed up in August and I have no notebook and no one can tell me where it is or why. The website doesn't work. The 1-800 to go with that site is not working. Comcast customer service has no answers other than they say I do qualify and should have already received my notebook. It's great, no one knows anything. Worst customer service and promotion ever!!!!
        This truly needs a class action law suit. There must be thousands of people in this same situation. There are fraud / bait and switch laws against this sort of thing. Not to mention breach of contract.

        1. I just got of the phone with comcast customer service. I to signed up in August 09 and was told I qualified for a netbook (I subscribed to triple play). I was just told that my account when I ordered service did not qualify for the netbook. When pressed, she would not tell me how one's account does qualify. She said she was sorry if I was misled by anyone. It appears that this is a wide spread problem.

          1. DOES ANYONE KNOW how to get a class action Lawsuit?

            i signed up in August of 09 as well…

            I never get anywhere with the customer service line.
            its annoying as all hell.
            They tell me wait 3-5 business days everytime.

    2. I signed up in August and received my netbook 2 days ago! I did stay on top of them though. I made sure to call every month after I paid my bill to make sure the account was in good status as required. I also called the rebate folks and they told me they had no record of the order. I then called Comcast and was told the order form was incomplete and would be corrected. All this took a couple of calls and a few hours of talking to cst service but I got what I was promised and my 10 yr loves it!

    3. Hell No! my wife and I signed up over six months ago, we've been waiting on that net book since. We got a excuse that because we were late afew days on our bill we weren't elligible. They sent us back to our contract that says one must be in good standings to recieve, well I asked them since I wasn't cut off and have been paying you over 200.00mo. that makes me in good standings. People we live in a country were our own companies are crooks. Customer Service is no more and the people we were taught to respect and work hard for do not exit. We must wake the hell up and stop being puss–s.

    4. you're not alone. I signed up last August and was told I'll receive the netbook after 90 days with good standing. I did my part, and to date, have not received the netbook. I called last 1/13/10 to inquire and was told they will check into into it and to call back in a couple of days, which I did. It's already my 4th time calling and still have no clue if I'll be receiving the netbook or not.

    5. nope NEVER received my netbook.
      I called and called and called they had EVERY excuse why I didn't get mine.
      So they credited my account for the amount of the cost of the netbook.
      Also I got a free upgrade in my service for the length of my contract!!
      Don't take no for an answer…keep calling them until you get what you want.

      1. Thanks for this update!

        I actually did the same thing. I was told yesterday by a manager that I will have the netbook within 1-2 weeks and if I didn't he will credit my account so I can buy the thing on my own.

        1. Ditto here — No netbook despite about dozen calls to Comcast. Different story from Comcast each time (not counting the times they disconnected my call while the rep. went supposedly to ask a supervisor or some other lame excuse). THEY JUST PROMISED SOMETHING THEY HAD NO INTENTION OF DELIVERING AND NO PLAN TO DELIVER. And yes, it appears there are many of us who got screwed by Comcast in this phony marketing campaign. How much did they credit your account in return for not sending you the netbook they promised? And did they make you sign a contract and at what future monthly price (I think they are playing a switcheroo on their contracts, too). I want to make sure I ask for the right amount as a credit to account, assuming they offer the rest of us what they offered you.

          1. James,

            If I were you I would demand that you get a $300 dallor credit. This is the common price for a netbook. You can probably find them on sale for less but thats not your responsibility to search. Dont let comcast negotiate your rate either. You signed a contract and they need to honor their part in it! Good Luck!

          2. I just got off the phone with them…. same BS everyone else is getting. Signed up for service in Aug 09, here it is March 10 and no netbook. When I called a few weeks ago, someone from Marketing was supposed to call me back. When I called this past Monday, a manager was supposed to call me back on Tues. The rep said that everything is in order and I qualify! No call from a manager, so I just spent the last hour on the phone with a rep, and supposedly a manager will call me back within the hour. Now they're telling me that I had to sign a 2 year contract to be eligible. No mention of a contract when I signed up – just pay on time for 3 months. If we don't start a class action lawsuit, we should at least get the TV News scam team to investigate!

          3. Rob,

            I totally feel your frustration. I was in the same boat too but finally got my Netbook a few weeks ago. I hate to disagree with you because Comcast is totally screwing up and mishandling this promo completely. Unfortunately, Comcast is partially right, you do have to sign a two year contract.

            Although, I do believe, you are not to blame because I feel that they should have properly informed you of the promo. I have a feeling that they failed you on that front. If I may add a little advise… Electronically sign the contract and get your Netbook. The deal is good enough to be held to for two years and cancelation is only about $160 bucks if you are unhappy.

    1. Yes thats true the promotion ended on August 23rd. If you signed up after that I guess youre outta luck but I signed up before then and things arent looking too good for me either.

  6. Dang Crooks!
    It covers three rooms but only basic cable in one room and channels 1-66 in the other two rooms (which is just basic TV). You do get a home phone connection and you do get internet services, I guess these are the only two true statements… but you DO NOT GET THE NETBOOK until you’ve paid 3-4 consistent payments. If you miss one payment you will not be eligible for the Netbook. So once you’ve paid 3-4 payments which is 3-4months then they say they will ship you out a Netbook. Dang Crooks!!!!
    And customer service stinks… they are rude and truly Ghetto!!!!

    1. Verizon does the same… they offer the same deal (basically) but my mom has been waiting alot longer than myself – I recieved a letter from comcsast stating the Dell Netbook was on its way w/ tracking info, ect. However it was stated in the begining approx 6 wks. When I inquired about 8 weeks later the customer serv. rep told me it wld be at least 90 day before they report if my aact is in good standing or not. Also there's no comp with half a brain that wld have a promotion and as soon as triple play was ordered they hand you anything let alone a netbook or anything else a little on the pricy side. Think for a second, if it was your comp would you?

  7. I was aware of the waiting period and im willing to deal with that. But they said there is an agreement that needs to be signed and sent back within 30 days of installation and I cant even get them to send that to me. Its been almost 3 weeks and everyime I talk to customer service they just keep taking me around in circles. Im going to keep calling and bugging them and hopefully theyll get tired of hearing from me and just send it.

    1. I mailed mine 2 times and both times they claimed they never rec'd it I finally did it online and thought everything was fine and have been waiting for the netbook since august for the netbook after several months of calling and going into their store I was told it finally shipped and then a week later I was told that I was never going to receive one because I was not in the contract for the netbook? Yet I have the signed contract saying I was? it's a scam

      1. Sorry pal but it's not a scam. More people than not are actually receiving the free netbook. I guess youre one of the unfortunate ones who didnt. DId you receive any info on Did you gat an adance notice form comcast? Did you ever sign up for triple play PLUS the agreement for two years?

    2. Mike, go online and get in to your account or set up one with Comcast with your own username and password, the terms and conditions is there and you can submit it with your name and address that you agree. Once submitted, they will reply to you that they've received your acceptance which will be a proof that you sent it online on a timely manner.

  8. Did you realize that the comcast website has taken down the page that talks about the netbook and the requirements? It now says, "This page has been removed, redirecting you to I signed up for the Netbook deal a week prior to the deadline, my service was installed yesterday. The technician was late by over 1.5 hours. Customer service credited me $20. So we'll see what happens. Now I am waiting for the Contract. Perhaps I'll get my netbook for christmas 🙂

    1. Yeah I know they did, but they have a site that is under construction for the rebates. I was told it should be done towards the end of this month. I dont know when you signed up but the netbook offer ended on aug. 23.

  9. I called comcast in August and was told by the sales agent "no problem" for the promo including netbook. Installer came out and verified it, but said i should call the office to make sure. I called the office again and was told absolutely; $99/month + netbook. Recieved my next bill for $170 and no netbook. Called again and was told I could not have signed up for the promo as I was already a (TV) customer. After several more calls and finally to the Exec. Cust. Escalation Team, was placed on the current $115 promo and given credit for the bill "so I could go buy one". Not what I wanted, but better than nothing.

  10. Well this is what i found out after close to three weeks of phone calls to customer service. You should receive the agreement you need to sign in order to get the netbook within the first two weeks. although i called almost everyday and finally got it about 3 1/2 weeks after my install, but they gave me an extra week on the 30 days to make sure i could get it in on time because i didn't get when i was supposed to. Once you send that back within the 1st 30 days you should receive the netbook within 90 days of your install provided you pay the 1st three months on time. If you haven't received your agreement in the mail you can go to and just check the box next to "I agree" and submit it. I wasn't able to access the info there until after i received my 1st bill in the mail so don't worry if you cant get through right away, just keep trying. I hope this helps anyone still having trouble with this.

  11. Comcast gave me the run around. Said I wasn't signed up for the Netbook even after repeated calls asking them where the agreement is. They repeatedly said it will be in the mail 3 weeks after installation. Never got it and now they say I was never on that promotion. I got the triple play, it was installed on Aug 12th, the installer and the person whom took my order and support reps up until today all said wait 3 weeks. Now it's over a month and today they say I was never on it.

    1. same here – after months of phone calls and going to their store they even told me last week it was shipped and then a week later told me that I would never get one I was not signed up for that promotion even though I have the signed contract

    1. As of this writing (8PM, Tue) comcast says that my netbook is being prepared for shipment. Having read some not-so-good experiences by some subscribers, Im wary too. Besides I have friends too who said that they have been waiting months after the 90 days but still — no netbook. I smell a potential class action suit here. Ill not say "Yay!" yet until the netbook's is actually in my hands. Let's see if comcast actually delivers. Ill keep you posted.

      1. did you ever get it? I have been waiting since the first of August and call constantly. They told me my payment wasn't received by the 25th one of the 3 months and it can't be even one day past or I won't get it. This is the worst cable experience I have ever had and wish I could just undo the entire experience. I really wanted the netbook!

        1. I still do not have it. Though my "prep for shipment" does appear on the tracking site. Ill post once i get it. IF I get it.

        2. i did receive my netbook as promised and it is awesome. Its a black dell inspirion and i chose t-mobiles aircard over comcast simply because i did not want to go under a contract.

          1. How long did it take you to get, I signed up in August and now it's Dec 23 and still have not received it. I did all that was asked of me, and Comcast is giving me the run around, saying I did not sign up, or whatever.
            PLease email me at thanks

      2. I just got off the phone just now with Comcast Customer Service and I too signed up with them with the Triple Play on the 17th of August and was promissed the Netbook. Thought I could give it to my son for x-mas. C.S. just informed me there was not contract agreement to the triple play for the Netbook? Liers. We should form a Class Action lawsuit. This is so wrong for them to do. C.S. said only recourse was to go to Comcast website and send a letter to the Vice President. Like that will do anything…

    2. Oh Yes!! It is the greatest computer ever!!!! It has all the most up to date office software installed. There is even a fully functioning version of Photoshop software installed that is normally several hundred dollars if bought alone!!!!! This is the greatest. I will be a comcast customer for life. As an extra gift they included a holographic simulation system that allows me to talk with a holographic image any time I want! Comcast is the best! I got my netbook 3 weeks after my cable service was installed. I don't know what you people's problems is… must have bad credit or don't pay your bills.

      1. that is so funny! You must work for them or something… you think out of all 20 of us not one of us has good credit or don't pay our bills on time. lol.. thats to funny. I am a patient person to wait if I get I get it. If not Ill sign up for the law action suite if yall want to. Cause honestly comcast suxs, ya I got the whole package for 139.99 and am paying well into 150.'S. And then they said activation was going to be waved and it wasnt. hummm sounds like a scam to me.. Oh by the way on the netbook it clearly states that you have to pay your bill on time for 90 consecutive days and you miraculously got it in 3 weeks..WOW

    3. Yes Ally I got mine a week ago…HOWEVER… I signed up in AUGUST…. Was told 8 times that YES its on its way but its a DELL issue and that they are slow etc. Coem to find out after I went completely INSANE on someone at Comcast that "We never qualified and now its too late." I told them come get this equipment out of my house N O W. Told them if they did not have a technician there to cancel all my service within 24 hours the equipment would be destryoed (Yes I went a tad insane LOL) They immediately had me on a website to electronically sign the agreement that they claimed they never received from me in the mail but I DID mail after I had to call 6 times to REQUEST that it be mailed to me. Within 2 weeks of electronically signing that agreement I got my netbook. And guess what…Its a real P.O.S. :- BUT I got it. You must threaten to cancel all service and go with Dish Network. They will qualify you. You just have to go a little nuts.

  12. I received and signed the agreement that came in the mail about two weeks from time of installation. You have the option to fax back the signed agreement or thru online signature. Since I signed and transmitted it back (via electronic signature) no word yet about anything. I cant say if comcat wil or will not live up to its promise of a netbook since it has been a few weeks only. SO far Ive had good financial experiences with comcast (no hidden charges so far) and I hope this trends keeps up.

  13. I got the agreement in the mail after I had already went to the agreement site and sent ti in. Just to be sure I sent it twice. I received a confirmation email and fax when i sent them. I called to confirm that they received it and they say everything is good and that I will receive the netbook. Only new info I got was that they start processing your promotion after 90 days and that it could take a few more weeks after the 90 day mark before you get the netbook.

    1. I called comcast and they estimate that even before the 90 day-period ends, they can send out the netbook. The operational word is "can" but the question is, "will" they?

  14. Humped by Comcast,! I've been waiting 8 weeks for the paper work in the mail for signing up with the bundle, so today I called and asked about my Netbook and was told that I was not getting one. They said that I denied the 2yr. contract. I told them that the only reason that took the contract was for the Netbook. The contract price for the bundle is the same with or with out the Netbook, so why will I pay and not get the Netbook. Now they will review the tapes and call me back. I know how this will work out! So I'm ready to cancel Comcast again.

  15. I'm waiting for my netbook too. It has been already three cycles (three months) and one week since I signed up for Triple Play+free netbook. I hope that Comcast will deliver on its promise. Ive been a customer with Comcast since 1999 and have had ok experiences about 75% of the time. I wonder how I will be informed that my netbook (if ever) is ready for shipment?

  16. Be careful with the site. It is a PHISHING site that lures you into giving out your info to check "netbook order status lookup". It is not a legitimate comcast site though it claims to be a Comcast Netbook Status Web Site and even looks like it. First it asks for your address, which of course leads to "no info found", then it asks for your phone number, still nothing, then finally, it asks for your comcast accouint number (!!!) and lo and behold, still nothing! But at this point, you have already given out your address, phone number, and comcast account number!! Be careful folks!

  17. I have done everything to the "T" and am still wondering if anyone has received a notebook. At the time I accepted offer and everything, I figured I would have fullied everything for the offer in Dec….and of course I figured it would take awhile to received the notebook. Unlike a lot of you I was given a lot of good customer service and help…and the agent made sure I knew when and what to do to be able to claim the notebook. I have all my documentations and confirmations and fully expect to receive this notebook. Otherwise, they will have a court battle to prove that I didn't full fill my obligations.So at this time I am trusting they will full fill there end of the deal.

    1. If they don't, you and I both have been reading all these hits. They know they have customers in a bind. You cancel you wait for another company to come hook you up. Not to mention having to change all your email stuff. I'm not negative, and i truly have hope in our countries companies but the little people like us know we're being bullshi-ted. We hear it now more than ever. Look at all the RECALLS as of late with our companies out sourcing and then selling it back to our ass saying we cost to much to produce it. It is in our nature, GREEDDDDDDD…. CRIMANAL…

    2. I rec'd mine a week ago McKenzie. Did you call them and ask them if you can electronically sign the contract? They'll tell you that is not an option but INSIST that you do it. Demand a supervisor until you get someone. Also – DEMAND that the call be recorded and monitored BY a supervisor. You have to go crazy on them – sad but true – if you want results.

  18. I did get the letter through email and sent it back I called to confirm that they got it. The person I spoke to said that it was recieved and I can expect it to come by December, so I will post if I get it!

  19. It is bull crap what these people at comcast are doing to thier customers. They tell u tha u will receive and agreement in the mail after sign it up for the service, then they get a po box address for my mailing address that i never gave to them. However, 3 weeks later i call them to find out how much i owed to pay my bill and they not only had my wrong mailing address i was already placed on a past due status so therefore according to them i was no longer eligible for the netbook offer. I had already signed the agreement electronic and they screw me over big time. Oh but trust me i didn't only reported them to the federal consumer affairs but i also reported to their main corporate office in conneticut. THis is no fair for customers. They sell u all these offers and u end up screwed. Not fair ,I want my netbook as it was stated in the agreement and i wil get somehow even if i have to call the news and make it public so people dont get fooled by companies like theirs.

  20. Im getting tired of COMCAST offers like these. Why do you do this COMCAST? When COMCAST tries to wean you or sweet talk you away from ATT they promise all sorts of things to make you feel good. In this case, COMCAST promised a mere low-priced netbook and theyll do everything to make sure you dont get it. I have to say that I regret having to leave ATT for COMCAST. But when youve signed up and get into a contract, then they forget about you. That sure was a fast one COMCAST! My fault is: I trusted COMCAST too much. I believed their promises that they will give me a cheap netbook for signing a two-year contract with them. It's already been four payment cycles in good standing, still nothing. But it's not only about that cheapo netbook only anymore, it's about feeling lied to, cheated, and deceived. Even if the customer feels coerced and tricked, he cannot get out of COMCAST clutches without paying a hefty termination fee. Are there any other businesses around anymore that even slightly respects the consumer/customer? To COMCAST: can you please be a little fair or merciful (if not honest) to would-be customers?

    1. My friend, if I may. You are begging, stop it. That is what OUR own companies want us to do now. You have every right to be pissed and you should. There was also a time when one could trust in a company to have a job til retirement, people in big business can and usaully do get away with this sh-t. We are to busy trying to make life abit comfortable day to day, and they know this. I feel your pain… Pray for man to have a better heart towards his fellow man/woman.

  21. Well thanks everyone, wish I would have visited this site before signing up with comcast! From day one I should have known. The installer that came out didn't hook up my HD right and then just threw the equipment on the beds in my other two rooms! What the F'S up with that! After talking with costomer service for about a half hour, I talked to head of installation, He was vary apologetic and sent someone out, 9 DAYS LATER!!! Although he took care of me, it didn't take the foul taste in my mouth. I think the first guy took advantage of my girlfriend, I knew I should have been there, but I had to work to pay for the first $300+. Whats happend to this country? Maybe I should join the band wagon of everyone screwing each other, hey if u can't beat them join them.

  22. I've just completed my third billing cycle last week. When I signed up three months ago the comcast person I spoke with said that immediately after I complete my third cycle I would be informed in writing about how my free netbook will be shipped to me — and specifically stated that I will be receiving it this month, November 2009. Ill keep you guys posted.

    1. my netbook came 1 week ago and it was exactly 16 weeks from my installation. Read the fine print and wait because it will come.

  23. I have had comcast for 3 billing cycles as well. I signed up in August well before the deadline. I havent had as much trouble as I did with ATT but it is flaky sometimes. Analog boxes are a pain and the new cisco boxes dont have a clock on em. Other than that, if I do not recieve my netbook by Dec. 15th. I will start to raise hell. If for some reason I do not recieve it by Jan. 1st then I will breach contract and tear down the service. Get internet somewhere else, get rid of home phone and downgrade cable. I certainly feel that if this Netbook deal falls through it is a simple case of false advertising and I will send in reports to BBB and Consumer affairs about it obviously followed by tearing down the service. I am really looking for ward to the netbook so my wife can use it and leave my MAC alone. I will keep everyone posted as to my status.

  24. has anyone gotten theirs yet. I subscribed back in August before the dedline but still no notebook. I was told the following by a rep online:
    The first round of netbooks will be processed on Tuesday, November 3, 2009. Please check the status of your netbook at It will take up to 3 weeks for delivery of the netbooks.

      1. I went on the link and got the "no record" message when I put in my phone number, and address. I did get info once I entered my account #. Looks like they just put my order in yesterday. I had originally signed up back on August 3rd. My 3rd payment was take on 10/22/09, so the processing time is not bad. I'll keep you guys updated on when I actually get it.

        Date Received: 11/12/2009 11:10:00 AM
        Date Processed: 11/12/2009
        Scheduled Shipping Date:
        Your NORTH DELL NETBOOK record was received on 11/12/2009 and was processed on 11/12/2009. Please check status in 5 business days for shipping information.
        Please call 1-800-526-3268 if you have any questions. "

  25. well they said it takes 90days of service. once you get 90 days on your account they said they will process the netbook. she also gave me the check my rebate site. but my 90days isn't up till nov 17th so ill be checking close to that time for tracking information. i haven't had any problems with billing or service. everything has been perfect so far. but i do pay my bill 2 weeks in advance every time. cause they say if your late your disqualified for the netbook. so i have all my early receipts ready if they try some bullish with me about that.. ill keep yall updated

  26. I went on the link to check the status, and got the "no record" message when I put in my phone number, and address. I did get info once I entered my account #. Looks like they just put my order in yesterday. I had originally signed up back on August 3rd. My 3rd payment was take on 10/22/09, so the processing time is not bad. I'll keep you guys updated on when I actually get it.

    Date Received: 11/12/2009 11:10:00 AM
    Date Processed: 11/12/2009
    Scheduled Shipping Date:
    Your NORTH DELL NETBOOK record was received on 11/12/2009 and was processed on 11/12/2009. Please check status in 5 business days for shipping information.
    Please call 1-800-526-3268 if you have any questions. "

  27. I too am still waiting for my "coupon" for the Netbook offer, it has been three months. I have called twice with the answer it should be coming!!

  28. YEAH!!, Getting closer to receiving mine! 🙂

    Date Received: 11/12/2009
    Date Processed: 11/12/2009
    Scheduled Shipping Date: 11/23/2009
    Your NORTH DELL NETBOOK record was received on 11/12/2009 and is scheduled to ship on 11/23/2009.
    Ship Carrier Method = UPS GROUND

    1. Hey great for you! Woohoo! Please keep us posted OK? Can u possibly post a timeline of your experiences related to this comcast netbook offer here? When you get the netbook, please tell us all about it, how it looks, etc. I personally am of mixed emotions — dont know whether to be excited or disocuraged, but I am happy for you! Thanks cellogirl!

      1. I will keep you all posted. And once i receive it, I will give full timeline and details on the actual product. I tried not to get too excited about the whole offer, because it just all sounded too good to be true, but so far, they have stuck to what they have said with the offer. It would have been nice to get some type of notification or letter on the actual process of receiving the netbook. If it wasn't for me investigating online and looking for a site like this where i could hear responces from others, i would have just been waiting to see when it would come in.

  29. maybe we all need to file a class action lawsuit against comcast because like all of you i have not received my netbook either i signed up august 4, 2009

  30. WOW – I'm glad to see I wasn't the only fool to get caught up in this BS. I had three different people from Comcast tell me I would get the net book and I believed them – the customer"no"service guy told me today that they had no record of my promotion. He tried to push more useless $hit on me…
    It's Comcast – what the heck ws I thinking. I'm looking around for BellSouth's number again.

  31. Just found this forum. So far, no worries with Comcast. I installed Triple Play on 8/30. Just got this on the checkmyrebate site today…


    Date Received: 11/19/2009 1:18:00 PM
    Date Processed: 11/19/2009
    Scheduled Shipping Date:

    Your SOUTH DELL NETBOOK record was received on 11/19/2009 and was processed on 11/19/2009. Please check status in 5 business days for shipping information.

    Please call 1-800-526-3268 if you have any questions.

    1. I also got a shipment confirmation via UPS Ground with a tracking # for my netbook.. I signed up for service on 8/14 and got the confirmation today (11/19).

    2. Checked yesterday and got "No record found". But today, I got a ship notice and a tracking number. I'll post again if/when I actually receive it.

    3. UPDATE – checking tracking today and the darn thing is on its way! So far so good. I'll post again when I receive it.

  32. Installed Triple Play on 8/27/09 and received this info from site today:

    Date Received: 11/19/2009 1:11:00 PM
    Date Processed: 11/19/2009
    Scheduled Shipping Date: 11/27/2009

    Your NORTH DELL NETBOOK record was received on 11/19/2009 and is scheduled to ship on 11/27/2009.

    Ship Carrier Method = UPS GROUND

    Just checked UPS site with tracking number info and it stated:

    Shipped/Billed On: 11/20/2009
    Type: Package
    Service: GROUND
    Weight: 6.00

    Anxiously awaiting my package!!! Will inform when it is received!

  33. My service was installed on August 17, and signed the contract and sent it back on Sept 4. I I keep on checking but still "no records found". I called and they said that it still hasnt been 90 days that's why nothing appears. But it appears the some of you here are lucky enough to get information even before 90 days. I wonder if anyone here can provide this 81-year old grandmother tips on what to do? Am I doing anything wrong? I really want to get this computer to give as a surprise gift to my grandson in college (he patiently taught me for a year how to use a PC and the internet) , that's why I chose comcast over other services. Id appreciate some help. Thank you kindly.

    1. As long as you paid your bills on time and sent in the agreement there is nothing you did wrong. Im four months in and i still have no signs of receiving my netbook. The only advice that I have is to keep calling them and hope for the best, that's what I'm doing.

  34. Into our fourth billing cycle now – paid. Been calling every chance I get about the Triple Play/Netbook offer and have been getting nothing but the run around (lies). I suggest everyone call as often as possible. If there is anyone out there that has received their netbook, please let me know as my faith in Comcast is nil. My opinion is that they will offer anything and promise you the moon just to sign up with their fraudulent company.


    Ok, so I got my netbook last night! Very happy with it. I was very impatient at first, but once I saw that it was coming, and Comcast was sticking to their offer, I relaxed a bit. It did kinda suck to have to wait 4 months to actually recieve it, but I'm not going to complain, because I saved about $300 on a netbook that I was planning on buying for myself for Christmas.
    Here is the time line of the processing for mine.
    – Ordered Service on: 8/3/09
    – Service Installed on: 8/5/09
    – Paid First Bill on: 8/23/09
    – Paid Second Bill on: 9/23/09
    – Paid Third Bill on: 10/23/09
    – The checkmyrebate website indicated
    Processing started on: 11/12/09
    Shipping date on: 11/23/09
    Within a few days, UPS tracking # was available
    – Recived confirmation letter in the mail, confirming processing and shippin with UPS tracking # on 11/18/09
    – Netbook delivered on 11/24/09


    Dell Netbook comments:
    Its exactly what I expected. The size is perfect for what I wanted. The keyboard keys are big enough to not feel your hands to close together. The set up was super easy. And the wireless set up was easy and fast as well. The "mouse" pad is very cool too. I love that it has the right/left click buttons, meaning you can press down and click if you don't like to tap.

    So people, I really wish you all the best with getting your netbooks. Have a little patience, and I'm sure they will all come through. From looking at my timeline, it looks like they were pretty much on point with when my service started and when I paid my bills.


    1. Can u tell more about the netbook? WHat OS? How fast is it on the internet compared to say, a centrino? Hows battery? Etc. Thanks!

    2. Here is what I was told during a web chat a while back

      Corazon(Mon Oct 26 19:06:59 PDT 2009)>
      # Operating System – Windows® XP Home Edition SP3

      # Processor – Inspiron Mini 10v

      # Memory – 1GB, DDR2, SDRAM

      # Hard Drive – 160 GB

      # Wi-Fi – 802.11g integrated wireless

      # Color – Black

      # Webcam – 1.3 Megapixel integrated

      # Warranty – One Year Limited Warranty

  37. Just called Comcast and was told that i should call this customer service number 1800-526-3268 EST, regarding the netbook. Tri-Star is the company dealing with the netbook issue to send to customers, not comcast. This is my 4th month and i am still waiting. I will give them a call on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving to all

  38. I finally got this message after I put in the correct information:

    Date Received: 11/24/2009 5:38:00 PM
    Date Processed: 11/25/2009
    Scheduled Shipping Date: 12/2/2009

    Your WEST DELL NETBOOK record was received on 11/24/2009 and is scheduled to ship on 12/2/2009.

    Ship Carrier Method = UPS GROUND
    Tracking number = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Correction to my earlier post — my installation was on August 23 and I signed the contract on September 6. My grandson will surely be surprsed!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  39. Well i spoke with comcast again about this issue and i was told its 90days from the time u sign your service agreement before u receive the netbook. i was under the impression that it was 90 days from your install date witch was 8-23-09 for me. witch would have made it over 90days by now. i ordered the service on 8-3-09 and it took them almost 3 weeks to install it. LAME! then i didn't get my service agreement until September 16th so there starting my 90days from September 16th not 8-23. so this is fucking lame! It will be December around the 16th before mine is processed! that's such BS! iv done paid 4 bills now! and she said if your bill is late 1 time it voids the offer but your service agreement still stands! now that's really LAME! comcast sucks! good thing i pay mine early!

  40. I agree whole heartly with these comments.I switched from Dish to Comcast because of the great offer they had.I am going back to Dish damn the Netbook offer.If enough of us complain and stick with it maybe Comcast might rethink there advertisment,And so what if your bill was paid late that's the catch you can't have any late payments.What difference does it make the Netbook isn't worth what they claim anyways.

  41. Wow what a bunch of whiners! In the first place, it was your responsibility to read the fine print. And no matter how much you dumbly threaten a class action suit or that youll move to another service blah blah blah, a big and cash-rich outfit like comcast couldnt care less. While there are some who were lucky to get their netbooks, there are more sore losers.n

  42. If you feel tricked, isnt it natural to complain? And as for you, you would rather take the side of big business than the average middle class American exploited? Shame on you!

  43. i agree with comcast rocks. You all are inpatient. Comcast delivered as promised and i never made one phone call. i returned the signed contract electronically, paid my bills by the due date and the netbook came 16 weeks as stated in fine print. I really didn't think it would be a dell but it was and it is a nice one. Be patient!!!!!

    1. I have been waiting for almost 5 months and I am certainly not whining. I have contacted Comcast and it paid off. I found a great representative who did more than just tell me to wait. She did say that many people fall through the cracks so they should call. She told me everything should be cleared up by next week! Getting your netbook is not about being lucky. When you are contracted into a plan so is the company. They are just as obligated as you are to follow through. Oh, and I also paid my bills on time. Some of us just got overlooked.

  44. I thought it was not true about getting the netbook, but i recieved it yesterday and its so cute! thank you comcast and i guess i will stay with you for alittle while longer now!

  45. Received my netbook yesterday! It's perfect my daughter will be very pleased. Thanks for a Merry Christmas Comcast!!!

  46. Please I had them at my house 4-5 times to fix a phone line and 2 times for my tv when I moved into my newe house. I have been told i would get credits and did not. My first bill was double what it should be and i didn't have a phone line for about a month and a holf because of them. I finally got a credit even though it was not the full amount of not having the phone. I signed my contract for the netbook but can't get anyone to answer me. I was told by Comcast to go to the website that asks for my information that i just read is not there site and it did tell me there was no information. It is sad that a company can traet it's customers this way and that people are getting suckered into there crap and they just sit there not caring.

  47. I have been on the phone with comcast since the end of September trying to get the contract sent out to me. they have told me to go to I just keep getting the same thing"We were unable to locate your agreement information. Please call 1-800-COMCAST to speak to a Comcast representative." I am not a whiner I just want what I signed up for. The comcast reps that I have talked to tell me the will call me back in 24hrs, they have yet to call me back. Has anyone has this happent to them?

      1. yes, the standard response I got was "I'm sorry our marketing office that handles the netbook rebate is closed now and we will call you back tomorrow with an update." and then they never call back. It happened too many times to be anything other than a scam.

        How odd there are plants on this board making excuses for Comcast. I've read that companies like Comcast hire people to do things like that, but never saw it before…

        1. Cal,

          Don’t give up! After making countless calls and receiving countless excuses My status finally shows on the site. I’m very excited!!! I’ll post a rundown of my process shortly.

  48. I suggest that you really keep working on getting and signing that agreement. WIthout that agreement, your cable bill is fair game and could increase at any time from 99 a month to 114 to 129 etc.. The netbook is the least of your worries at this time. Focus instead on keeping your bill on the minimum promo price. If u do manage to get hold of the agreement and sign it, then that's when you youll see something on checkmyrebate. Remember that is a third-party NOT part of comcast and is only assigned to do the fullfillment of offers such as rebates and fre gifts.

  49. Holly — remember that siging up for comcast does not automatically qualify your for a promotion but only for service. Make sure you request COMCAST for the special agreement(either paper version or online version) for the netbook, in addition to the service agreement you OKd back in September. Better do it fast.

  50. We had a big problem with Comcast. We signed up for the Telephone, Internet and Cable bundle, but also wanted to be signed up for the promotion for the Netbook as well, which we were told, is a simple contract form, and as long as our bill is paid for the first 3 months on time, then after the 3rd month the Netbook would be sent out to us. Well, after our 3rd month was paid, we called in to verify everything and of coarse, we were never signed up to begin with. We spoke to a supervisor who said she saw in the notes and previous calls we DID ask about being signed up, so this was a complete disaster on Comcasts' part. As a settlement, they offered to waive our next months bill completely free. This is great, however, we wanted the promotion for the Netbook so wtf?

  51. Date Received: 12/2/2009 6:45:00 PM
    Date Processed: 12/3/2009
    Scheduled Shipping Date:

    Your WEST DELL NETBOOK record was received on 12/2/2009 and was processed on 12/3/2009. Please check status in 5 business days for shipping information.

    Please call 1-800-526-3268 if you have any questions.

  52. I hear all of your frustrations! Here is my story so far….

    1. Switched from DirectTV to comcast all because of the offer (Which I made very clear to comcast)
    2. Go the installation a few weeks later.
    3. Didn't receive the contract until over 3 weeks had past. I was told that the contract had to be filled out and mailed back within 30 days of installation. How the heck can I get this contract back in time Comcast????
    4. 40 days later received a letter from comcast that they never received the contract! This is complete BS because I sent the contract priority mail! 2 time comcast tried to screw me!!

    ….To be continued below….

  53. 5. I raised hell on the phone and was assured that the Netbook offer is still valid. I had the rep not it on my account! Then I signed the contract online.
    6. Never received the bill for month 2. Luckily I was on the phone following up with the offer when I found out that I had a bill due in 2 days. I ran to my nearest Comcast location and paid the bill upfront and ontime!!! 3 time comcast screwed me.
    7. Paid my 3rd bill early so they can screw me again! My 90 day mark is this week and still no records on checkmy site!

  54. update!

    8. I just got off the phone with comcast and they said that they do not handle the netbook rebates. I was informed that hosts their rebate promotions and all questions should be directed to them! 4th time Comcast screwed me!

    In my opinion this is going to be the way Comcast passes the blame when I dont get the netbook at all. I will continue to post here with updates.

    1. Hey take it easy man. While comcast is resonsible for the purchase of the netbooks and determing who qualifies for it and who does not, it is true that the checkmyrebate company (aka Tri-Star) handles the distribution of the netbook. If there is an issue with qualifying for the promotional netbooks, take it out on comcast. But if it is an issue regarding why your info does not appear for tracking purposes, bark up checkmyrebate. Many people had the same problem you did and the best approach would be to CONTINUE calling them to follow up, while doing your own research ! Always get the name and customer service ID # of the person u talk to and note the time u talked. It has been my observation that if u dont show an some level of anxiety, they will take u for granted.

  55. I spoke to a rep for comcast today and she said that many people are not getting their netbooks because they didn't make one or more payments on time. She also said some people ARE getting overlooked. I was one of those overlooked people. After speaking with her I feel like I have someone on my side in this little issue. She did say that people should keep trying. We are obligated to fulfill the contract and so are they. I didn't blame her or get mad at her and she has already sent me forms to the rebate center!! Yay!! Don't give up!

  56. Update: i got a letter saying there shipping mine but the check my rebate site dont show any status. so i guess that site is a lil off to. so i dunno.

  57. Further to my earlier post two weeks ago, I got a letter from COMCAST in the mail today that essentially says "your netbook is on its way!" It gave the same tracking number I got earlier and it was updated today to show that it is now leaving its origin and should arrive next week via UPS. Now this gives me a sense of finality. Ill be giving this Dell Mino 10v netbook to my grandson on Dec 25 as a gift for all his patience in teaching me how to use the computer and internet. Be a litlle patient fellow comcast customers, Im sure youll get yours.

  58. I have been waiting since August on no such netbook has arrived. I signed the agreement and completed my 4th billing cycle last month. I called and was told it could take up to 6 months!

  59. So I called the Netbook offer from Comcast today, I have moved and am really worried about my netbook. So after 30 minutes of waiting, I was told by the lady at the company that does the netbook offer that Comcast has not sent my eligibility which means according to the company that does the rebates I am not eligible. Okay, I thought, call Comcast and ask what my eligibility is. I spoke to a nice girl who works for Comcast who put in a ticket asking why nothing has happened. She gave me a reference number, assured me that I will definitely be getting the netbook. And I should expect a call from Comcast within 10 days either to tell me it’s shipped, or tell me it’s going to be shipped. Now, I used to work for customer service, and I know all about tickets and that they can either work or be ignored (the latter is the most common in my old customer service job). The issue involved is that I am worried that the next step that I will have to deal with is in 10 days going to have to call BACK to Comcast, and ultimately talk to a supervisor. But that’s where I stand at this moment.

    1. Called comcast back today, as I feared the ticket that the nice lady previously put in has disappeared. So I ended up talking to a supervisor. Trying to remain civil in the situation and understanding, I am getting a bit of the runaround, I have been informed that I will be called back today about the netbook offer, and if I do not I am to call the supervisor's number directly. What will happen now I do not know. But oh well, I'm not crying over it, I just want comcast to honor their deal that was offered when I signed up.

    2. Called comcast back today, as I feared the ticket that the nice lady previously put in has disappeared. So I ended up talking to a supervisor. Trying to remain civil in the situation and understanding, I am getting a bit of the runaround, I have been informed that I will be called back today about the netbook offer, and if I do not I am to call the supervisor's number directly. What will happen now I do not know. But oh well, I'm not crying over it, I just want comcast to honor their deal that was offered when I signed up.

    3. Okay so here's the response I got, sorry it took so long. Because the comcast lady who did my move did not do it correctly (I don't know the process) I lost my eligibility for the netbook for another 3 months. Well I checked my status today and it's being Shipped! I should be getting it on 1/29 Here is hoping!

      1. So here we go my package is now out for delivery….I should be receiving it within the next few hours depending on the delivery guy's route.

  60. mine is out for delivery now! so just hold off to u that havent got them. they will come.. also a side note. the 10V Dell your getting can be hacked to run MAC OS X. witch is the stable software that all apple PC's run. have fun with yalls 10V's

  61. All these cable companys do two things very well 1 Is LIying 2 Is thieves. Thats wat there all about. We pay good money for this crap @ can't get service.

  62. Update…

    9. So I contacted The netbook offer website "
    " because I have yet to see my information when I check the status. I was told that they may not reieve my information until up to 16 weeks wich is more then the 90 days that Comcast agreed to. I am a patient person but I when I have the feeling that I'm about to get screewed!! I should have went with Verizon who was offering the same deal at the time.

  63. I've been getting the run around since November. First they told me after my 16 weeks I could pick it up at one of the Local Comcast Centers near where I live. I had 3 different customer service reps tell me that. So, when the time came near and had paid my bills on time. I find out that Comcast will send me paperwork to get the process started to get the Dell Netbook. 3 weeks later. NO PAPERWORK.

    So, talking to a customer representative right now, and it's taking forever. She finally says that I should be getting a letter from Comcast sometime this week saying when my Dell Netbook will be shipped. The week is almost over, and I haven't gotten anything. Then she tells me I can go to the Local Comcast Center and try to find out more information about the Dell Netbook. I'll probably get another story saying why I haven't gotten my Dell Netbook.

    So, we'll see if we ever get the Dell Netbook.

  64. Hey peeps ! I just got my new Dell Mini 10v netbook yesterday which was dropped off by UPS. It is so cute (smaller than a hardbound book) yet very solidly built. Unlikeother netbooks Ive seen and handled like the ASUS and HP, the build quality on this Dell is top-notch and does not look like a budget netbook at all. Its finish and body can be compared to an ultra-portable SOny Vaio!

    Here are its specs: COLOR Black Obsidian,
    PROCESSOR Intel Atom N270 (1.60GHz, 533MHz, 512K cache)
    OPERATING SYSTEMGenuine Windows® XP Home Edition SP3 – EnglishLCD
    10.1" Widescreen WSVGA with Truelife (1024×576)
    MEMORY1024MB 533MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM
    HARD DRIVE160GB (5,400rpm) SATA Hard WEBCAMIntegrated 1.3MP Camera
    PRIMARY BATTERY 6-cell Lithium-Ion Battery 56 WHr (what a pleasant surprise!)
    WIRELESS CONNECTIVITYDell Wireless 1510 Half Mini Card (802.11n)
    GRAPHICS CARDIntegrated Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 950


  65. [Continuation….]

    I have been playing around with it since yesterday and noticed the following: Internet surfing as fast as my HP Pavillion core duo 15" laptop. Online video streaming 8/10. Mp3 music (itunes) 7/10. Played Medal of Honor Allied Assault 7/10. MS Office10/10. ( (installed these programs via USB external DVD/CD drive).

    Overall Im pleased. Even if I were to buy it I would say that it is a very efficient, stable, and fast netbook. But of course, I got it for FREE. Thank you COMCAST for your gift!

  66. So I did everything I was supposed to do to get me netbook. I get a letter saying it will be arriving 12/11. I check my tracking info online and it says my package was delivered at 5:30 on 12/11 and is on my front porch in my locked apartment complex waiting for me. I get home at 6, and there is no package. Why did they leave it on my porch where it is raining?! After four long months of waiting patiently and hoping I don't get screwed by Comcast, I get screwed by UPS instead. Merry F-in Christmas to me!!!!!

    1. You CAN make a claim for its loss or non-receipt to UPS thru COMCAST. But that's what UPS does with ground shipping. Computers are usually insured by the shipper. Once verified that you did not recieve it, it will just be a repeat of the whole process by COMCAST . Try contacting comcast right away.

    2. Yo pinhead, how come the obsession with being laid?. The netbook is delivered via UPS Ground with no signature required. You already got a letter before delivery that stated UPS Ground and you were given a tracking number. You were dumb enough to not even make any arrangements with UPS (pick up option) or with a neighbor.

  67. Date Received: 12/2/2009 6:45:00 PM
    Date Processed: 12/3/2009
    Scheduled Shipping Date: 12/18/2009

    Your DELL NETBOOK record was received on 12/2/2009 and is scheduled to ship on 12/18/2009.

    Ship Carrier Method = UPS GROUND
    Tracking number = **********************

    Please call 1-800-526-3268 if you have any questions.

  68. I agree with a fellow poster, what a bunch of whiners, spolied brats, and cry-babies! Threaten all you want but you will always be on the losing end if you didnt fulfill your end of the bargain. Chances are if you havent gotten any word about your netbook, you havent read and/or followed the instrructions correctly when you signed up. The key is to R-E-A-D carefully then follow. Stop blaming comcast, UPS, and the tracking site. Then you might have better luck.

  69. I got my netbook last week and didnt even expect it. I now remember that I signed up for comcast service in september for their triple play. Its a nice teeny weeny dell netbook that i can use mainly to check email and surf the net. I must say that travelling the net using this dell is quite fast.

  70. I have to basically agree with poster Montross.True they are slow as hell,but it seems to me like they are
    living up to their end of the deal.I signed up right at the end of the deal and they told me that it would
    take 12-16 weeks to receive it.First you must make sure that you respond to their letter or e-mail and
    register by going on their website.Then your account must be in good standing for 3 payments made on
    time.They then send the shipping information to the shipper.It takes them close to 2 weeks to post the
    shipping info on their website,with scheduled date of shipping and tracking number.Mine was received
    on 12/02/09,processed on 12/03/09 on the shipping date and tracking number posted today,12/14.
    They told me initially that it would take 16-20 weeks total to receive it,so do the math.I signed on and
    had installation in late August,and with it scheduled to be shipped on the 21st.So Late August til
    late December,4 months=16 weeks,they seem to be right as they said it would 12-16 weeks,it should
    arrive exactly as they said it will.

  71. Yipee I received mine today as in an hour ago! Im typing this right now on my new, beautiful, shiny, cute, solid, fast, and free, Dell Inspiron Mini 10V notebook. Way too cool! All I remember doing was signing up with comcast and after three months i got this!!!! That was so easy even a caveman can do it!!!!!!!!! WHile doing the happy dance Ill go: Oh yeah, oh yeah! I got a netbook, I got a netbook, I got a netbook!!!!! For free!!!!! For free!!!!! For free!!!! Comcast ur the best!

  72. I want to say that I too finally received my netbook today. It arrived last week as delieverd by UPS but I got to open it only right now. I didnt know that a netbook was really a mini-laptop. I marvel at today's technological strides as they are getting smaller and more efficient every day. Like I said in the earlier post, this will be a gift to my grandson for Christmas. I am really pleased not only with having availed of a nice three-service (phone, internet, cable) with Comcast at a good price for two years and this free premium as well.

  73. I received my netbook today delivered by ups, after being notified by comcast thru a letter two weeks ago. I signed the contract at least 90 days ago.

  74. I posted a comment on here yesterday saying that it was a slow procedure but it seemed that Comcast
    was living up to their promise,as I checked their rebate website and my info was on there,and that my
    netbook was scheduled to be shipped on the 21st.,which is obviously next Monday.Well,I was surprised
    today when there was a knock on my door and it was UPS with my computer.I'm not quite sure where all
    of the people that have posted on here are from,but I live in PA. and I can honestly say that I have had
    nothing but good things to say about Comcast and their service and the reps that you talk to when you call them,and I am sure that a lot of it has to do with the competition that they are up against in my area
    It used to be that they were they only game in town,but with the addition of Verizon,ATT,and the Dish
    and Direct TV networks fighting for everyone's business I am sure that they had meeting with all of
    their employees and made it clear that customer service is their number 1 priority.I had my bundled
    package installed in late August right before the offer was to expire,and they were here right on time to
    due the installation.They mailed me the form and instructions to go on line to verify my account and told
    me that it would be 3 billing cycles before they would forward the information to the company that was
    actually filling the orders for the delivery of the netbook.I actually had a problem with one of the boxes
    that was installed a few weeks after they installed my service,I called about the problem and they said
    that they would be here with a tech with a new box,they were a couple hours late and they did credit me
    on my next bill for $20 because of being late for the appointment.All of my monthly bills have been
    exactly correct as I have now made 4 on time payments to my account,and the as I said the netbook
    arrived just about exactly on time as they said that it would.Like I said I don't know where the people
    that have posted negative remarks about their dealings with them are located,but in my area I know
    that they are aware of the heavy competition that they are up against,and I can only have positive
    input in regards to becoming a new customer about for 3-4 months now.The computer is a name brand Dell intel,and I do believe to purchase it that it would cost between $199-$299.It is small,with
    a 10" screen and the length and width are about the size of a regular magazine,but it is surely good
    enough to get a wireless card to internet access and to take anywhere with you.I hope that all of you
    have the same experience as I have and I guess that all I can tell you is that yes it is a slow process,
    but that they did come through as promised with the free netbook and my billing each month,so unless
    you have had a really bad experience with them so far to just be a little patient and I think that they will
    come through as promised.Like I said they are in a position where they are not the only game in town now,and are aware of it and trying to up their customer service if they want new customers and to keep
    the ones that they already have.

    1. I completely agree with you, It will just take time, I haven't received mine yet, but I think it has more to do with me moving than me getting screwed over.

  75. I'm not trying to be a complainer but I have been through the ringer more than once with Comcast. I have been lied too, over charged, and loss of service with no reimbursement on more than one occasion. For this circumstance, I am being told something different every time I call. So you can see my frustrations. But to insult people, by calling them whiners, all because they have legitimate complaints about the way Comcast is handling the offer is ridiculous! Let me ask you…. Do you work for Comcast? I just want honesty and organization from a company that has screwed up so many times with this customer and many others. If you doubt me just read the articles on the website…

    ….and maybe then you can feel our frustrations!

  76. Courier delieverd my Dell Netbook today but I never received a letter informing me that it will arrive. Anyhew it was quick enough since I signed up for triple play with comcast (a good deal I must say!). Its really a tiny laptop that does a decent job for email and internet surfing and next time maybe even office. Comcast has been always fair to us for almost eight years now. Their customer service, as far as I have experienced, is good and friendly. (I dont work for comcast).


  78. A friend of mine works for ComCAST and he says that in order to receive the free gift Dell Netbook a customer should do the following: 1. Sign up for Triple Play; 2. Sign the written or online agreement and send back to comcast thru mail or online; and 3. be in good payyment standing for at least 3 months. Many people usually miss out on number 2 which is signing and sending back the agreement/contract. I hope this is clear enough.

  79. wow I cant' believe it. I signed up for comcast triple play back in august. Ive kept bugging them about the netbook. I get a different story every time i call. Now they say im not getting it. So very dissapointed with the false advertisement.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. To all whiners and netbook-less comcast customers, this is how you sound while throwing a tantrum: "Boooo hoooo waaa waaaa I wanna my netbook! No fair! Comcast bad! Comcast not give my netbook!!!! Waaaaaa!!!!! Spank Comcast!!! Im telling! Booo Hoooo!!! I wanna my netbook!!!!" Now get a grip on yourselves folks, youre sounding so silly! For goodness sake, youre grown men and women, stop whining and complaining!

    1. Wow…you need to stop and think for one second …. there are laws protecting the consumers against false advertisement and that is what we are facing. Anyway why are you here and reading all of the complaints …maybe you dont have a life….Waaaaa!!!!

  81. I dont know if comcast still has the netbook offer or not. If it has, DO NOT FACTOR the netbook into your decision making. Consider you are not getting it. I signed up for HD triple play back in Jun (or July?) 09 for two years.
    1. They said that I will receive information on what to sign to be eligible for this netbook. That information came a month or so later. I went to that website and signed up. Waited for the netbook, which never came.
    2. Then I called up comcast and they said, I should go to local office of comcast to find out what is happening. I went, and they said they would have no clue, because they are not involved in these rebates. And that I should really talk to cust. service.
    3. Then I called up comcast again, they looked at my records and they said, I should wait for a month or more to be eligible. I waited.
    4. Then I called up again after the time they gave me, and still no netbook. They said they off-sourced these rebates to a third party called check-my-rebates (or something like that). and they said I should check with them. I called them up, after 1hr on hold, they said I should wait for nov '09(or something like that). I waited, still no netbook.
    5. I called comcast cust service, now they are saying that because, I payed my aug. bill late, they reset the clock and I should pay 4 months bill on time in a row to be eligible again, So I should wait for Feb'09 and check back again.
    In summary, no netbook and every time you call, it is a different story. No one has any clue and/or they dont want you to have any clue about what is going on.
    My friend signed up around the same time and he has not received his either. He gets thrown with different set of stories every time he calls.
    Don't be sure you are going to get this netbook.

  82. I will be filing a class action law suit…there a simply too many people with the same issue and I believe something illegal has happend here. This needs to be investigated and as the monthly bill continues to increase, we need to act!!!

    Dannetta Garcia

    1. Sign me up…i will join in too, I will keep looking back…I was thinking we should all band together against Comcast, have you seen an attorney yet?

  83. Yeah right. But just in case youre serious, youll just be wasting your time. Try reading the fine print of the Terms of Agreement that you signed (if u signed it) and youll see that COMCAST is still witihin its acceptable time frame.

  84. They keep giving me run around since 08/15. I have some big time numbers lots credits and waiting on overnight mail. Want the numbers?

  85. why i have not got my netbook as of yet this is a same what if the promble some one something and they don't get it and they die wait on it and that is a sue so what really going on with comcast. what are they doing,comcast people is really sick out her and you tell them one thing and saying another .

  86. We also signed up, the net book did not arrive and we were then told that "marketing dept determined we were not eligible" although we are paying the specified amount and have never been late etc. We signed up before the promo ended, but the rep messed up the paper work. Although the account clearly shows we signed up for it and were eligible etc. We contacted BBB and are negotiating with comcast now (they called us within 2 days of the BBB report!). We were initially told we could not change back to our old plan, however our contract states we pay this amount AND get the netbook, NOT we pay this amt and get nothing but poor service. I WILL NOT give them a 'resolved' status with the BBB until satisfied. If I have to persue legal action I will. They may write tons of self protective language into their contracts, but those are NOT allways 'legally binding' and at the very least I will give them a headache.

    1. You contacted the Better Business Bureau, and what did they say. I have been given the run around since Sept 09.

  87. I ordered my Triple Play in early August. I was initially promised my netbook with 2-3 weeks. I have contacted them probably 6-8 times since then. It has now been 20 weeks. According to Comcast, my account is in "good standing", I have "filed the apropriate paperwork", and am "eligble". They just have no answer to my question of , when will I get my netbook?
    I too get the run around being told to call someone else, or someone will call me back, or…..
    Well comcast, Where the hell is my Netbook?
    I'm about ready to stop paying my bill amd when they call me I'll suggest they call my bank…

    1. I have filed with the BBB and 7 On Your Side. Two days ago I got a response from Cynthia Gomez, Comcast Executive Customer Relations, California. Quoting her, "We have confirmed your Netbook order is processing with an expected time of arrival of mid February.". Wow, that's only five months… (if it comes) And notice no mention at all of it being a "Dell". You know, if I order a Dell online, (which I have done 4 times) it arrives within just a few days.


    1. I got mine early this month. I signed up in August. Many many others got theirs too. Im sure you did something wrong like — not following instructions?

    2. To me they broke the contract with us, so we can call them and tell them to come and pick up their shit.

  89. I'm having the same problems with comcast on the netbook offer. If we don't get it, isn't that false advertising? At first I called many times to bug them about. Today I just gave up. I don't think I'll ever see that stupid netbook. Comcast sucks and everyone needs to know what kind of business they run.

  90. Yeah now I see it. Lotsa WHINERS in here who complain that they didnt get their loot after being dumb enough not to follow instruction correctly. Hey whiners, that all u got? What do you have besides empty threats, lawfuits, hate-mongering, etc. The fact remains that most who have availed of the promo and followed instructions did recive their netbook. The very few who didnt are either unloucky or plain stupid.

      You must work for comcast
      or just no life
      so smart guy pssshhh
      calling us whinners is very elementary where just venting
      it is not like where doing terrorist threats we just want what was agreed upon!
      pop quiz smart ass
      if comcast don't get there monthly payments as promised what do you think they do? don't hurt yourself…..
      cry to the credit company
      send us numerous letters
      calling 3x's every every day
      even prematurely cutting service off!
      now being reasonable Comcast products such as On Demand are great Free McAfee
      but the billing/installation Depts with a few expectations and i mean few are garbage
      Now what really concerns me is that i live in Norcal and i thought we wore just cursed but Nationally is Diff more than a Coincidence!
      Wouldn't you say Enstein
      1st time shame on me 2nd time SHAME on comcast!
      oh by the way we wore not told we had to locate Carmen Sandiego!

  91. So let me get this straignt. I'm stupid because Comcast isn't honoring their end of the contract???
    I'm just unlucky somehow? What the hell are you talking about???

  92. I agree with poster Sergei (except for the "stupid whiners" part) that it is sometimes our not following the rules that has disqualified us from receiving the free netbook. We dont follow the instructions then we complain. I am not a fanatic of comcast but it is a company that always honors its promotions as I have experienced in my 15 years of service with it.. I have enjoyed all sorts of COMCAST — $200 rebates, free HBO for a year, free modem-and-router kit, free on-demand movies, and finally this netbook during this period without any hitch — I only followed the instructions to the T. SO cmon fellow comcast customers, let's be a little patient (and diligent) about the instructions OK?

  93. I had no ideal that comcast had such a bad rep! Why should we all have to go though all this trouble to get a promotional deal? I was never told any of this when I signed up. The lady on the phone told me I would receive notebook by the holidays. Never mentioned I had to fill out forms or call them every other day. Its like we are all on our hands and knees begging for something that shouldn't be ours.

    And I will be going to the press with this. If fact I already have.

  94. I had no ideal that comcast had such a bad rep! Why should we all have to go though all this trouble to get a promotional deal? I was never told any of this when I signed up. The lady on the phone told me I would receive notebook by the holidays. Never mentioned I had to fill out forms or call them every other day. Its like we are all on our hands and knees begging for something that shouldn't be ours.

  95. Got my netbook today delivered by Ups. It's a Dell Insipron Mini 10V and it is so small and light but appears solidly built. Thanks a million Comcast!!!!!!!

  96. Alright people… let's calm down now. I was angry too. I signed up at the tail end of August and it's now Jan. 6. So where's my netbook, right? It's been well over the 90 days/16 weeks/whatever they want to make you wait, GIVE ME MY DARN LAPTOP!!! At least that's what I was thinking before i got off the phone with Comcast AND

    Turns out, the clock starts ticking from the time Comcast receives the contract you sign for triple play, NOT from the day it was actually installed. I had the install late August, but didn't send in the contract until mid October. THAT'S when the 90 days of service/16 weeks starts. So to sum it up… i was worried/angry at first because the time had lapsed (or so i thought), but now I know my timeframe was off. So, before you sit here and blast Comcast for bad service, double check your paperwork and when you actually sent in the contract and start the clock from then. Cheers…

    1. PatienceGrasshopper,

      It seems you have been misinformed by Comcast much like all of us. I just got off the phone with one of Comcast’s regional managers and was told that your 90 day’s starts at the time of installation. I too was told several different time frames as well but after speaking to this manager he guaranteed me that he was 100% curtain that it stars at the time of installation. I had him note that on my account and I wrote his name and ID number for my own records. Also, I could be mistaken, but I believe if you read your contract it states that the offer begins at the time of installation. Don’t let Comcast fool give you the run around!

      1. It's not 90 days from date of installation but technically three billing cycles in good standing. Of course, this doesnt mean squat if you didnt sign the the two-year agreement and submit it thru fax or online. The fine print further states: "please allow at least 16 weeks" to process the netbook. So before we lose our tempers (and to avoid a potential counter-sue) from comcast, let's allow ample time and more to lapse before you resort to legal action.Like all of us, Comcast also has equal protection under the law.

        1. Regardless of when the clock is supposed to start ticking, people just need to relax and yes… be patient. I was getting pissed too and calling every 3-4 days around the time I thought I was supposed to get my netbook. I thought I was screwed by Comcast too… I thought the people who said they got their netbook probably actually worked for Comcast. All kinds of crazy thoughts came into my head. However, went to a few minutes ago and…

          Date Received: 1/7/2010 8:05:00 AM
          Date Processed: 1/7/2010
          Scheduled Shipping Date: 1/15/2010

          Your DELL NETBOOK record was received on 1/7/2010 and is scheduled to ship on 1/15/2010.

          Now granted, i haven't actually received the netbook yet, but at least i know the site actually works and doesn't say "NO RECORD FOUND" just to make my blood pressure rise.

          I'll update all of you when i actually get the hardware.

          and remember…. patience…

          1. Just got it… setting it up and running windows update as i type…

            Don't give up people… don't just sit there and hope either… keep on calling and pressing them to make sure you don't get stiffed.. but also don't lose your temper until you get an official "You're S.O.L." from someone at Comcast…

            at that point… go ahead and raise hell and demand your netbook because this thing is damn awesome!!!

  97. I received my netbook in the mail last Thursday which was sooner than I expected after signing the agreement on October 2. Pretty cool freebie from comcast on top of a nice two-year pricing.

  98. I ordered service in the end of July, installed August 5, signed contract August 15th. I paid every bill "on time", called Comcast at-least once a month, and was told "good to go"!.

    Called Beginning of December, and was told if I didn't receive it or notification by year's end, to call. Today, January 6th, 2010, I called and was told that since I "ordered" service in July, I was not eligible!

    W.T.F. indeed!!! I'm not done yet though. I will push this issue! If I get the Free Netbook, great! If not, I will just stay pissed off! HA!

    1. I feel your pain and frustration. I am dealing with the same thing, service was installed on Aug. 22 signed and returned the agreement and here it is Jan. 7 and still no laptop. I have called a number of times and nobody seems to know W.T.F. is going on and have no record of my agreement. If you want to push the issue and get their attention report them to the Better Business Bureau or your State's Attorney General, as a last resort, that's what I did and I have been getting phone calls from them, yeah from Comcast!!! They say that it is being expidited, however I have not received it yet, but I feel like I have made some headway. Good Luck!!!

  99. I filed complaints with BBB and 7 on your side.
    Yesterday I received and email promise that my netbook will arrive by the end of February….

  100. Thanks, all … I have been following this thread for a few months … since I too have encountered nothing but run-arounds and unfulfilled promises … I filed just now with BBB … and am looking into State's Attorney General … truly ridiculous and inexcusable on Comcast's part.

  101. I signed up in August and received my netbook 2 days ago! I did stay on top of them though. I made sure to call every month after I paid my bill to make sure the account was in good status as required. I also called the rebate folks and they told me they had no record of the order. I then called Comcast and was told the order form was incomplete and would be corrected. All this took a couple of calls and a few hours of talking to cst service but I got what I was promised and my 10 yr old loves it!

  102. I've been going through the same problem as everyone else. Broken promises by everyone I spoke to. Now Yesterday I got told that they received my agreement, ( which they never sent until I kept complaining) so I did it online, they told me it would take another thirty days before I receive it. I got very upset and told them, that since they broke there own contract that I could brake mine. They didn't like that very well. The woman whom I spoke to said, no you don't want to do that. I will see if I can't get it kicked up faster, and that she would call this Sat. We'll see, right. I'm glad to hear you got yours. I'm wondering what you told them, and how they shipped it to you faster. Can you explain it to me – please?

  103. File all the complains and charges you want, but remember COMCAST can also file complaints back against you for harassment if they can prove it, Usually big companies like them possess more electronic and documental ppaperwork that can serve as proof than the lowely consumer.

  104. BBB is the way to go … I filed a complaint at 2:48 p.m. this afternoon … and received a response from Comcast Executive Support at 4:37 p.m. … I can't believe they actually contacted me … we'll see how it goes from here … but at least I get a better feeling than calling multiple times, being put on hold forever, getting different answers, etc., etc.

  105. Ups dropped off my dell mini netbook at 4:30pm today and I have been tinkering sitting in my lazyboy chair with it up to now, 10pm. (Dinner was cheetos and coke). Its so portable and beautiful. I already went on amazon using it and bought a nice sleeve and mini mouse for it. I dont think I will have to but an external dvd/cd drive for it as i ownt be installing much. I already downloaded open office to it which installed easily. Its surfing speed is impressive and loading time is acceptably as good as my low-end p4 desktop. It even has a built-in webcam which I use skyping or when video-chatting!. The unit itslef has a nice solid heft to it and when it held, it feels like a compact piece of technology in your hand.

  106. I dont know what the big deal is and why people are having a hard time getting the netbook. Im a first time customer with comcast (from ATT) and signed up in October. I got my netbook about last week though it was only exactly 71 days since I signed up, not 90 days as I hear is required.

  107. The netbook offer supposedly expired at the end of August … so you've certainly gotten better service than anyone else here, congrats! (Wish I were as fortunate.)

  108. Exactly my words when I spoke to comcast that i thought the netbook offer ended already. The rep i talked to said they had a surplus of netbooks that they needed to dispose before end-2009 so they extended "until supplies last". They also had this Flip video camera promo that I could choose but i opted for the netbook, doing the math in my head (i.e. i knew that the netbook was more expensive by $100.). I dont even remember signing any agreement but i simply said over the phone that i wanted their two-year triple-play promo i saw on tv. Hey joe, try talkin to them Im sure theyll accomodate you! Sometimes talking nice (and husky :)) to customer service reps could go a long way.

    1. Maybe you just got a customer service rep who knew what he/she was doing … I talked to multiple reps … lots of run-around … talk of forms, agreements, etc. … "Marketing Department will mail to you" … "e-mail it to you" … "we'll fax it to you" … but with all that — I'm still no closer to getting it. They screwed up my original order in late August — by putting me in the non-Triple Play pile … and later claim they fixed it on the computer … I have made four on-time payments … and only my complaint to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) seemed to have resulted in some progress in that a person actually contacted me via e-mail … but I won't believe anything until the netbook has actually arrived at my house. Again — I'm happy that they treated you well (and even beyond what they originally promised) … but that just hasn't been my experience at all (up to now).

  109. That's an interesting article. After I signed up I learned that the whole promo fulfillment involved three entities: comcast, a company called tri-star (aka, and ups. With this, I already felt that the whole would prove to be a logistical challenge. SO that's why many have yet to receive their netbook. Let's be a little patient people, and maybe it would help to call comcast once in a while to look it up.

  110. Got a letter in the mail from Comcast today saying that my notebook is on the way. It contains a UPS tracking number that says "Scanned at Local Facility", and that the estimated delivery will be on Jan 14 visa UPS Ground. I signed up on October 3 in a local comcast store after I got a flyer on my door. Like another person here I was given a choice between this notebook and a mini videocam (which I already have), But they didnt mention anything about having a surplus of notebooks or that the offer had already ended in August. Maybe COmcast is still quietly trying too woo people away from ATT or Verizon? Doenst matter Im hapoy Ill be getting my new toy — for free.

  111. To all who have received their netbooks: gloat all you want never mind us unfortunates who did not receive our fair share. Granted we didnt pay on time once or twice but to be tied up to comcast for two years??!!!! Why even cell phone companies give you a free phone!!! Big deal!!!! I can buy one easily anyway unlike you cheapskates to would rather get tied up in contract just to get a measly netbook!!! Get a life guys instead of gloating that you got a cheap netbook all u had to do was sell your soul for two years. Dumbasses you all are!

    1. Your post confuses me… You start off sounding like you are angry at those who got their netbook for "gloating" and then you go on this rampage about "us" dumbasses for signing a 2 year contract and then complaining about not getting the netbook. First of all, you are one of "us" thus you are a dumbass as well. Secondly, attempting to make fun of us makes no sense because you obviously care about whether or not you get the netbook as well. This is evidenced by the fact that you found this post in the first place. You were concerned about the netbook status so you searched the web for answers… you found this post… you took the time to read many of the posts… and THEN you make fun of the rest of us??? What drugs are you on and where can I get some???

  112. The poster "FedUp" is just another frigin troll who probably works for Comcast customer service and is tired of getting my phone calls! A deals a deal no matter how you look at it. Get a life and stop knocking thoes who actually stand up and fight for what they are entitled to!!

    1. Troll or not, I agree with davecann2 do not mock us who are fighting for what is ours. We pay hard-earned money for these services. We are not freeloaders (like illegal aliens) who avail of services for free.

  113. I finally received my netbook yesterday but it is not a Dell as you guys say but an Acer Eee PC netbook. I have seen the Dell and it is of much better quality than this Acer but oh well cant complain. I should have gotten the Flip video camera instead.

    1. Goraiders,

      Can you please provide some details about the Acer Netbook you receieved? Thanks =)

      Also, If they send me an inferior model I'm going to be mad. The deal was for a "Dell" not an Acer. Although some Acers are better then the Dell models.

      1. davecann2,

        If you read the smallprint of the offer, it does state that the offer is for "a Dell Mini 10v netbook or comparable model".

        1. Mike,

          You are absolutely right in this regards. I just hope its a comparable model because the Dell model was actually nice for what it was.

          1. davecann2,

            I can't comment on the build quality of the netbook that Goraiders received, but the spec is actually a little bit higher than the Dell. The Dell only has a 10.1" screen, and does not have bluetooth capability. Otherwise, the OS, HD, memory, and battery specs are similar. The Dell's wifi card is 802.11b/g.

            Goraiders didn't give any details of the CPU, but the Dell has an Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor.

            Hope this helps.

      2. The netbook I got is an ACer Eee PC: 11", Windows XP, 160GB HD, 1GB ram, 802.11n wifi, 3 hour battery (claimed), built-in cam, bluetooth. Its pretty much the same specs as the Dell Mini but like I said, I saw the Dell in person in a store and the Dell has a much better build quality and more beautiful screen. I guess, with Mike's findings, I got the "comparable model". This Acer Ee PC's build quality is like a Fisher Price laptop. But I really should have chosen the Flip video camera instead even thought it was a lower-priced gadget.

  114. It now has been more than 18weeks now, I have contacted, she has mentioned to wait for the redemption rebate to sign, which will come in the mail. Have not received nothing yet. I have now been sending emails which now she has not responded. We all need to take further action with this issue. Or our other option is just to cancel. There are other services out there with better service….

  115. If we signed up for Triple play, signed the agreement, would it be possible for us to legally break contract with Comcast if we do not receive the netbook? Im trying to read the agreement, paperwork, and everything I signed with comcast but I could not find anything that would allow it. Any ideas? If any please post it out in the open so that everyone can see how they can be protected legally evenif we break contract.

    1. The contract you signed indicated they would give you a netbook. If they did not, they are in breach of contract. This is defendable. You should have a cable franchise coordinator (information should be on your Comcast bill). If so, give them a call for help.

  116. The Dell Netbook offer from Comcast is a total scam and out-right false advertising. I would not be surprised if zero customers actually recieved the advertised free netbook. Long list of varying excuses every time I called, much of which matches the excuses Comcast puled in other posts here to other trusting customers. Don't be swayed by the Comcast sales rep you may talk to on the phone….they are powereless. Someone is simply going to have to fila a class-action law-suit for fruadulent or false advertising.

  117. Let's be objective about all this folks. Fact 1: Many Comcast customers did receive their netbooks. Fact 2: A significant number of customers still have not received their netbooks. Fact 3: In the words of a poster on this forum, the fulfillment of the netbooks involves three parties: comcast, tri-star (aka, and UPS, which perhaps resulted in a logistical nightmare. I experienced the delay too. It took me more than 90 days before I got my netbook. I was also frustrated and mad and wanted to file a suit. But finally my netbook did arrive — on the 102nd day after I signed up. Let's be a little patient folks. Im sure comcast doesnt like this as much as we do. Chill a bit OK? Im not saying that the netbook will or will not arrive but what I am saying is that there is a peaceful solution to all this. ANd no, I do not work for comcast ( I wish I did).

  118. I am going to be lumped into the NOT GOT MY FREE NOTEBOOK group. I too signed up in Aug. with the expectation that I might be able to put a computer under the tree for the kids in Dec. So I called in Dec. to ask about the notebook and was told by the reps that everything was done on my part to secure the computer. She gave me the website with a number to call. Did it and no response to the call or my email request sent through the website. Called back a week later and was told that everything looked good and I should be getting my notebook soon. Called this last friday AFTER CHRISTMAS! and again was told by their reps that I have everything in place to receive the computer and she would call my back on Tue. when she was able to get more news. Today is Wed. so I had to call them back because I got no call. TODAY I learn that there is some discrepancy with my contract date? I apparently did not sign the contract till after the 30 days that they required to get the notebook. I told them that they did not send me the contract till after the 30 days…. Nothing! I let them know that this whole time I have been told that I am clear to receive the notebook. I got an sore if some people misslead you? I talked with mangers with the same hardline response.

    Worst thing is they have my contract signature and I have to pay $150 to cancel. WTF!!!!! This contract would never have been signed by me if I new that would not be getting a notebook! Are they in breach of contract somewhere? In the least there employees have been very misleading. I now HATE COMCAST! Not the employees because their hands are tied but the Scam Sucks and its my first time being dupped!

  119. Let's see. Over 132 days now and no netbook. No status on No help from Comcast. Can they tell me what the problem is? No. Did I understand and adhere to all of the requirements? Yes. Do they agree that I have done so? Yes. Have I been patient? Yes. But I am not patient any more.

  120. I've called Comcast 12 times now. The last call they said wont have the shipping information for at least 5 days and the netbook wont be shipped to me for 5-6 weeks that would make the waiting period 6 months. My bill has always been paid on time. The first 11 calls to them I was told it was already shipped! I'm really tired of them lying to me.

  121. Received my Dell Mini Inspiron 10V this morning after waiting since October. After draining the batteries I am currenly doing the initial battery charging-conditioning which will be about 12 hours. The netbook is so compact and has a smooth and classy finish to it. Surfing speed is good. I lerady registered it on and was suprised to find out that the netbook carried a 15-month warranty (espiring in June 2011) and not the usual one-year warranty. I guess comcast decided to include an overshoot warranty to provide for processing, delivery time etc.

    1. I received notice that my netbook will arrive next week. Is it really recessary to do that battery first time charging for 12 hours or so? Does it really make the battery strongero r longer lasting?

  122. It has been 147 days for me. Many, many calls and emails to Comcast. The only progress I have made is to get to talk to a supervisor and have her handle it for me and I was given her email address, so now at least I have a single contact person. However, she asked for a week. After a week she said she had emailed the distribution center but they have not replied. I told her she had until the end of the week to get back to me or I would file a consumer complaint with the Illinois Attorney General. IT is Friday and I'm leaving work. If I haven't heard anything by tomorrow morning, the complaint will be sent.

    I'm not sure what other action can be taken, but if all of us who have basically been ignored filed a comnplaint, they will eventually have to get the message.

    By the way, I don't think filing with BBB will make much difference. Comcast is not a BBB member and since in many places, they are basically the only choice a consumer has, they won't really care what their BBB rating is.

    1. It has been 146 days for me. I have filed a complaint with BBB and Attorney General. The only thing it has acheived is they are calling me instead of me calling them. I was assured that I would receive the netbook 4-6 weeks from Dec. 16th, which I was fine with, but low and behold 4 weeks from Dec. 16th they called and said it was going to be another 4-6 weeks from Jan. 13th. It is just lie after lie after lie….. I mean really how long does it take to ship a damn laptop.

      1. JK76,
        You are not alone here. I had the very same information relayed to me. A supervisor said that I would recieve the Netbook by the end of January. He called me in person last week and is now saying it will be an additional 4-6 weeks. When I pressed for a reason of the delay a ustomer service rep informed me that the contract was not recieved until 1st week of Jan. and it take 90 days from that. This is total BS because I sent in my contact back in October!!!

        1. I just received the same answer. It will be 4-6 weeks. I was going to reply that I had heard that before. However, before I replied to them I went to and for the first time my name shows up. It said shipping info should be available in 5 days. Did either of you (JKI76 or davecann2) actually see your name on

          1. Well smack myself silly, my name does appear on the site, no shipping date yet, but it has been processed. I have been checking that site everyday for the past 2 months. I guess the complaint to the BBB and Attorney General did some good. Someone at Comcast actually got off there duff and did something, however I will beleive it when I see it. I will let you know if I receive it.

          2. Once you see your information on, you can rest assured that your netbook will be on its way to you soon. When you can see your details, this means that Comcast has verified your eligibility, and has transmitted your info to the third party fulfillment company (which operates the site).

            However, don't rely too much on the dates that appear! Once the UPS shipping number shows up, you'll know for sure when the netbook will arrive.

          3. Nothing as of yet. I check the website every day wishing I can finaly put this mess behind me.

  123. Hey, I signed up during the very last days of the promotion. I made sure that I followed all the rules required to get the netbook.
    First sign up during the promotion period, Second return the signed form either by mail or over the internet., Third, Pay my bills on time!, Fourth…. well there was really no fourth. It was only three things. I didn't think I would actually get a netbook, but when I finally got that letter that said I can check my rebate status online, and track my netbook then I was like WOW. So I checked like everyday, and my netbook arrived just before Christmas….. Like I said, I did not think I would get my netbook. I was expecting to have to spend hours arguing and fighting with comcast over the phone so I could get mine. But hey it was easy.

  124. I got my netbook on Jan 4 after (less than) three billing cycles in good standing since October when I signed up for 3-play and signed the emailed contract. It was really so easy and comcast even called me a week after I received the netbook to check if I did recieve the netbook and to say thank you for chossing comcast. Now that wasnt so hard! I think that those who didnt get their netbooks and are complaining about it just didnt follow instructions but still want to "cut their cake and eat it too". My advice is: be honest and nice and comcast will treat you well.

  125. Further to my earlier post, last Thursday my Dell netbook arrived delivered by UPS.Just opened it now after a long vacation. Nice toy! I especially like the excellent keyboard (using it now) because despite the tiny size of the netbook, the keyboard seems to be very comfortable and large enough for use. I must admit that comcast did a good job of delivering on its promise.

  126. Wow – glad to know I'm out in the cold with a LOT of other Comcast customers. I signed up in August of 2009. I received my contract within the first two weeks of service. I immediately returned via electronic submission and received confirmation from Comcast they received it. After paying my full bill for 3 months, I called Comcast. They said check the rebate site. I did – no information for me. I called the rebate site. They said they have no record of my account, call Comcast. I called Comcast back. Guess what? Yup, please call the rebate site. After continually calling Comcast, they said it takes up to 4 weeks after my 3rd payment to receive the rebate qualification notice. Yeah right. I waited another 4 weeks, called Comcast, called the rebate center still nothing!

    I started posting on Facebook and Twitter and immediately received a twitter from @ComcastMelissa and @ComcastBonnie. They told me to email: and provide my account information so they can get me my netbook. I received an email from Sherri Carson, ( at the corporate office – national customer service. On January 7th, 2010 she said "This is going to take about 2 weeks at the most. Sorry, I know you should have received some follow up, but I’m on it."

    The kicker: I emailed her yesterday to say hey, two weeks is almost up and I haven't heard anything. Here is her response: "You should be receiving your netbook no later than 2/19 at the latest. I will get you a tracking number as soon as I get one. You can check this site in about two weeks.

    I'm glad many have received their netbooks, but seriously, this is the biggest load of crap I've ever been through. I'm seriously considering canceling my service and going with another provider. Is this much trouble with a now outdated netbook!?!

    1. Now that's a good and fair post. No whining, just simple statement of facts with a dash of civility. And intelligence. I hope u get your netbook Darren!

  127. Comcast PShhhhh get me started I subscribed in Aug,09 and still no sound of netbook i hear verison and att give your netbook on the spot. well anyway the world spins one way and comcast will get what is coming to them for i am no push over i am going to start writing my officials and would advise you guys to do the same!

    1. From what I hear about verizon is that they charge for shipping on their "free" netbook, I am not sure about att though.

  128. word of advice yall do online chat and save the chats agreement id and believe me it is a legal contract that is what i did and i will get my notebook as a matter of fact i have not paid a dime since 11/09 and i have the triple play 2HD/DVR Boxes free on the house!

  129. I havent recieved a notebook and I signed up in August…I really dont want to talk to customer service anymore because all they tell me is either "its not in the system yet" or "call us back in "x" amount of time" what are you guys doing to get the netbook. Im pretty sure comcast is a bunch of crap…how does late payments have anything to do with promotions anyhow. I paid some ridiculous amount upfront "just in case." You have to pay late fees if youre late and now they say you cant have a promotion gift if you are late. Im pretty sure the promotion was to get me to sign up…I did…where is the gift. The other penalties are for being late.

  130. Prior to purchasing, I asked the sales rep to confirm that I would receive the free Dell Netbook and was told “yes”. I have paid all bills on time. My wife called Comcast after the 16 weeks and was told it should come prior to Dec 25th. After Dec 25 I called and was told that I was told I should receive something in the mail by Tuesday. After Tuesday had passed, I called again and was told that they messed up my order. She said that she would have a supervisor expedite it, and that I should hear something within a week. I called again after that week had passed and was told an outside company handled the orders and that I needed to call them. I called the number she provided me.The person who answered asked what company my call was in regards to then directed me back to Comcast. I called Comcast again and asked for to speak to a supervisor. I was told that no supervisors were available but one would call me within 24 hours. I never received the call. I am sick of calling Comcast. I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau this morning. If nothing comes of that, will still be able to submit a complaint to the Maryland Attorney General or bring Comcast to Small claims court.

  131. I think we should get together to do something.

    I signed up this in Aug. In Dec, I called comcast. They told me I will receive the netbook during Christmas or New Year week. I didn't. I called again, they ask me call "". I called. They tald me, Comcast has not verified me rebate. I should call Comcast. I called today. They told me "YOU ARE NOT SIGNED UP for the netbook rebate". I ask to tolk to a supervisor. Then, nobody answer the phone for more than 40 mins.

  132. Be careful guys. The law is a two-way street. If we can file a legal complaint vs. comcast, so can they against customers who fail to meet their end of the bargain. Comcast is not a punching bag that stands there and allows itself to be hit. It has a team of crack lawyers that can get back at anyone with overwhelming force who dares cross them. If you think that youve behaved well vis-a-vis your comcast service, think again, There are ways that big business can find a loophole to trap you in legally. It would be better if this can be settled amicably through a non-legal entity like BBB. In the meantime let cooler heads prevail.

  133. In short, even if you think you have a case against comcast, dont be sure that they cannot make one against you. These Big Guys didnt become big guys for nothing. And they are also well-prepared to handle these things. Anyone watched The Insider or even Erin Brokovitch? So dont be so cocky fellas but instead, be smart. In the words of a troll-poster here named Sergei, let's not be stupid.

  134. In the site at first i was putting in my address and home number. Then on a whim, i tried using my mobile number and voila, my information appeared! It may also help to try different enries of your address and #s on the empty fields.

  135. Hey ChunLi thanks for the tip! I tried using my cell# and it did show that my record has been mailed whatever that means. No wonder nothing came up when i used my address and landline number. It also shows a UPS tracking number which states info received. Woohoo!

  136. Now I got my netbook this mornging via ups. The letter from comcast came last on jan8 announcing that the netbook is on the way.

  137. I was told 2 weeks ago by Comcast Customer Service that a Supervisor expodited my Netbook and it will arrive in 6 weeks. Just for the record, a supervisor did call me and inform me that he was in fact expoditing the netbook.

    I have since been checking the website, , but have not had my information populated.

    I called the website yesterday directly and they informed me that Comcast has not sent them any info on my acount as of yet.

    So, last night I decided to call comcast directly (AGAIN) to get some answers. The Customer Servise rep was very nice and informed me that my account does indicate that the process for shipping has begun and it will be 4-6 weeks for delivery. He doesn't know why my info does not appear on checkmy but thinks that the supervisor processed my request directly to speed up the shipping.

    I am now stuck waiting untill the end of February for my netbook, if it comes at all. I have been waiting for over 6 months now. If I dont get it by then I will demand a $300 credit to my account so I can but my own…lol

  138. My netbook came this morning and was simply left at the door by Ups. It was standing there for perhaps a good two hours (I checked UPS tracking) when I was out and was expecting ups to deliver in the pm when it usually does. This scared me as my netbook could have easily been stolen. It seems that ups does not require signature anymore? Just wanted to tell you folks to make sure to be there when ur netbook is scheduled for delivery.

    1. Hey ups left mine at the door too went it delivered two weeks ago. Good thing it was still there intact when I got home from work. Lucky break from thieves i guess.

  139. UPS delvered my netbook last Monday but mine is an Acer EEe PC not a Dell. I would have liked a Dell but I am aware that it says somewhere in the fine print that it can be substituted with a similar model. Looks like it has the same specifications as the Dell though but personal preference I think Dell is a better brand. Couldnt complain though.

  140. I signed up in October and was constantly reading the comments on this site. I was also beginning to worry that comcast wont deliver. I started getting worked up that maybe it was all a sham. ANyways I finally received my dell inspiron 10V mini netbook last wednesday and am relieved.

  141. Yay I got a letter today from comcast that says that my netbook which as a Dell will be delieverd next week. I signed up contract on October 9 on the phone and signed the contract few days later which I faxed back to them.

  142. I did finally get my "Agreement" (I originally signed up in August — and the stupid rep put me in the non 2-year agreement category) … it's taken a good three months to get said Agreement … I had to go through BBB … which definitely works, by the way (I had my doubts).

    But my record finally showed up on the website last week … and shipping will be on Feb. 5th … I hope it's a Dell, but would settle for the Acer. Good luck to the rest of you out there still waiting.

  143. Serious scam. Never received mine and was sent back and forth between the call center and customer service center in San Francisco. After hours of waiting, being hung up on, being mocked, I was told I was never offered the netbook and there was nothing I could do to prove it.

  144. Words mean nothing if not backed up by documentations and supporting paperwork. Without proof, guess who will win in a legal battle: consumer versus comcast?

  145. Dell netbook arrive today is deliver from ups. Signing of contract paper is in october 2009 and the join of triple play work program same month. After that I keep good charater in paying my cable,internet,phone bill on time with good behavior. Is so easy to get the reward just be patience and intelligent to understand word on contract. I experience no problem from start of process paper to now date of arrival of my new dell mino vio inpsiron 10mini v.

  146. So apparently the people who signed up in October have had no problems … it's the people (like me and others) who signed up back with the original promotion in August that are (or got) screwed … as I mentioned above, the idiot customer service rep put me in the wrong category … so I never got the original two-year "Agreement" … I was just paying my bills on time for three straight months … and figured things were going along correctly.

    When I didn't see my record at the end of October on the Netbook Website … I called Comcast and they discovered the original error by the idiot rep (and thus that was the first I had heard of the need for this "Agreement") … but then it took three more months — and a case opened with BBB — to sort it all out and receive the Agreement (in the meantime, I had made five consecutive on-time monthly payments).

  147. I signed up for COMCAST Triple Play in August last year, signed the agreement online and sent it back in September, and got my Dell Netbook early December 2009 — easily. I dont know what the fuss is about you guys. It wasnt that difficult to understand.

  148. My Triple Play contract with comcast started in September 3 and I received my Dell notebook after Christmas. The Dell is a nice surprise but I must say that the Triple Play is a really good value package as I used to pay about $145 for all three. Now It's $99 forthe first year then $105 for the second year. Once a month I also get a coupon code for a free movie rental for OnDemand Movies on Comcast.

  149. Hey you Sergei, stop talking! This marine gunnery sgt will kick your ass all the way to where you come from. Or, I could shove that vodka bottle of yours way up into where the sun doesnt shine. Sergei once agian — shut the &%$# up!

  150. I received my Acer netbook last week but I had to return it to comcast as its battery is defective. It works on AC but not cordless. Comcast will send a new replacement this week (by Friday) together with a return label for me to mail in the defective one. I joined the triple play thing in November last year and signed the contract about a week after.

  151. Well I for One will not beg. I have gone to channel 8 news about this problem. The lady on the phone told me that have received several other complaints as well. And will contact me if they can't resolve this by phone. So Watch for me!

  152. oh and if anyone else is having the same problem. Contact me as well. I can let channel 8 be aware that I am not alone

    I for one was never told of the conditions that had to be met. All I was told is that I would have it by the holidays. And I refuse to beg and call and plead with anyone. Comcast advertised it. I did not ask for it.

  153. Ive been visitng this site ever since I signed up in November for comcast triple play and my first post is now. I am happy to pos that I have received my cutie and oh so svelt Dell mini notebook Inpisron 10v just an hour ago by ups. It connected so fast to my home network and the firs things I went to was,, and finally this site to post. Yipee! Thank you comcast,

    1. Uh buddy? For your info, News 8 is a silent subsidiary of COMCAST USA. Do you think you'll be getting anywhere with this in mind? Go figure. 🙂

  154. Poster Adam is right, it is a little known fact that News8, along with most area stations, are silent partners (read as: financial team-ups) of COMCAST. We really cant get total "help" from these stations but they do have to give the impression of being free media, right? BBB is stil the better bet! I was in the same boat too after I signed up for triple play and started redaing on this site but I guess I worried for nothing since I got my netbook in December.

  155. UPs delivered my Dell notebook Friday in the afternoon. Really small but solid, no squeaky or loose parts, nice finish, and fragrant smell of factory packaging. Net surfing is quite speedy to for an Atom processor. powerpoint really fast. Delta Force 5 pc game very good just like playing on my Sony Vaio desktop. I would have paid for this!

  156. Mine is out for delivery today — according to UPS tracking … because of all the crap I've had to go through to get this far (signed up at end of August), I won't believe it until the netbook is in my hands … finally! 🙂

  157. i signed up in august 09, and asked many times therafter when the notebook is will be coming. If there was anything i needed to do. Finally, today, in february 10, someone said i wasn't going to get it because i never signed the contract.

    The problem is, I never received a contract. They never told me i still needed to fill one out, i had asked multiple times. . I asked to speak to supervisor, and they said they will do callback within 24hours. This is awful. In fact, i said, oh, i am not in contract, then i can just terminate without a termination fee right? They said, that is correct. However, i still get the promotional rate, so whats the deal? I am afraid that at some point, they will jack the prices up, or make me pay for the installation cost (which must have been huge becuase they had to run hundereds of feet of new cable underground, and send out locators. )

  158. My netbook came today and it is a dell branded one. My comcast deal started in last November which included saying yes to the triple promo and signing of the contract. I did this all in a comcast servoce branch in downtown. Gracias comcast.

  159. Mine took about 100 days to fullfill. Signed up in October together with the contract. God the netbook last week of January. Didnt have to call or anything to make a followup. One week before I got the netbook I got a heads up thru a letter from comcast that gave the ups tracker. The netbook is pretty cool and dealing with comcast was really a pleasant experience. I never heard otherwise from y friends and co-workers who have comcast all say that they get OK service if not good service. Thats why I dont know why people seemed to be really pissed off. Im sure all your complaints are legit but I sure there are some here also who are exaggerating a bit or trolling to descredit a very reputable cable company. Try this people: be respectful follow rules, and comcast treats you well.

  160. My case: joined comcast triple play in November, signed the agreement same week, got a letter from comcast in January, received Dell netbook yesterday delivered by ups.

  161. I have received my Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook yesterday. So small and nice. I love the keypad which is almost as large as a regular notebook's. Going online and browising the net is the same speed as my other regular notebook which is a core duo. I havent tried any programs yet as it does not come with a DVD-CD rom so I dont know how well it works with ppt and games, etc. The adapter is not the brick type but looks more like a cell phone charger. First look: 9/10 for its price which is $299 MSRP. but since I got it for free from comcast I give it a 10/10.

  162. Lesson learned! (part 1)

    It has been over 6 months since I signed up for Comcast. I paid every bill on time and I signed the contract. I called a dozen times over the past 2 months with a different response to my inquiries each time I called.

    I finally reached a supervisor who I felt like could actually help me. He said that he will expedite the shipping of the netbook and I would have it by the end of January. He called me back a few days later and left a message telling me that it would be 4 to 6 additional weeks before I receive it (that pushed it back to the end of February).

  163. Lesson learned! (part 2)

    I kind of have no more patience so I called Comcast a week later. I was told they did not receive my contract until the end of January and its 90 days from that date! Keep in mind that I have a email confirmation that my contract was received back in September. I was also told that there is a note on my account stating that a Manager requested my netbook to be expedited. So, I decided to give Comcast the benefit and wait it out. It is now over 4 weeks later and I have NOTHING. I called directly but they have no record of my account!

    I seriously doubt that I will be getting the netbook in the next two weeks. On Monday I’m going to call Comcast (my day off) and start all over again. Man I should have stuck with Verizon! Lesson learned!

  164. I signed up in early November — both triple play and the cotract which I faxed back. Got my Dell Mini netbook this morning and playing with to up to now. So far no complaints!

  165. I signed up for Comcast Triple play back in Aug of 2009 and still have not received my Netbook. I have called Comcast several times all with different answers, stating it's on it's way, I have to go pick it up from an office, that I will be getting it next week., I did not sign up for that promotion. I did send in contract on time, I did it on line and also I have an faxed confirmation. I have not information in the Checkmyrebate" They have my money each month on time, and Comcast is not delivering as promised.

  166. i have also signed up in 008/19/2009 and have not recived they said they made an error they said that everything was perfect but that the rebate warehouse dint submitt the code so they could deliver my net book but now they did so they say so i should be getting it no later than the middle of march bit we will see if they keep their promisse this time becouse i spoke to a manager and she gave me her id # and the refrence# for the call and the emails she sent over so i hope i dont get screwed.

    1. You will get screwed!

      This is the same exact scenario I had with Comcast back in the beginning of January! I was told by a manager that I will definitely have my netbook within 4-6 weeks because he “expedited” my shipment. It is now going on week 5 with no info available on site and no info from Comcast.

      I tried calling the manager back yesterday but, as I’m sure most of you already know, a customer service rep has to send a manager an email to return your call. My call was placed at 8:30am yesterday morning and I still have no received a return call as of yet!!!

  167. I also have the 3 package deal, saves me $50.00 a month, great right? well that part is fine for the first year, if you don't mind your phone going out every time they have cable trouble, computer going down every time it rains,tv stays on but everything else go. don't under stand that part. after several new modems, time down, and being lied to about my notebook, (which i have not and will not get, "i was told yesterday" ) it is just not worth it,every one i know , i mean every one, that has comcast , has some sort of issue with them, looks like the public service commission could or would do something about their false advertising and poor service.

  168. Finally received my Netbook after 215 days of waiting and arguing!!

    So I finally got the Netbook yesterday after countless phone calls and lies! I can’t believe how much Comcast has mismanaged this promotion and how they cheat their customers. If I never stayed on top of my promotion and called Comcast every other week I would have never received my Netbook.

    Word of advice to everyone… Take record of all your calls, dates, times, and every employee you spoke too with their ID#. I had everything in order when I called and Comcast tried desperately to prove me wrong each time I called but failed miserably due to my records. I even had Comcast note every conversation on my account every time I called!

  169. I had a similar very negative experience with Comcast, but persevered to a positive outcome. I signed up for Comcast's triple back back in August 2009, because it sounded like a good deal and was honestly lured by the nice carrot of a free Dell Netbook. Why not switch for a $300 electronic goodie that I could use? Well, after waiting for months and not seeing any Netbook I started calling. I was referred to the CheckMyRebate web page. This was a complete waste of time, b/c the website never had any info, and when I called I sat on hold for 30-45 minutes to get to speak to someone, and then that person never knew anything. This was frustrating beyond belief. So I started waging a war of calling Comcast about every two weeks when I didn't see any box at my door to push for the Netbook. Each time I called I got a similar story to what has been detailed here, Oh a form was never approved, I need a manager's approval, I am escalating this matter to my supervisor and you should have it in two weeks, blah, blah, blah. Finally in early April I was told by a supervisor in Mexico that I was ineligible b/c I hadn't returned their required contract in time. But I had. I wish now that I had kept exact records of all calls and correspondence, but honestly, who does that?? So I persevered and was offered an account credit. I am happy with the resolution by Comcast, but will not readily forget the months or run around and frustration in dealing with this company. My advice – persevere. If you don't get the results you want, file a complaint with the better Business Bureau, file a complaint with the FCC, file a complaint with the FTC. I've heard that this gets their attention. If this doesn't yield satisfactory results file a small claims case. You should win there and will get reimbursed for all court costs.

  170. I signed up last August (Aug 2009) and still haven't received any notebook. Everytime I call, they are either missing my contract letter, or some time they would give me the website to check the status online.

    Seems comcast is practically a fraud company, promising the stuff and then not honouring their own promisses.

    I am going to escalate this final time to their higher officials, and then if nothing happened, I am ready to dispute the service (as apparently they have never received my contract letter).

    Will post here again whatever the outcome will be.

  171. I signed up for the 24-month $99/$109 triple play with free netbook on 8/22/2009. Comcast came out to install and the connection was no good and a trencher had to come out to install a new cable. My wife called and asked if this affected the offer and she was told "no" and that it is all "in the system". The install was completed on 10/15/2009. The bills were not right, we were paying $95.99/month (after the big first month with installation charge). After 1/15/2010, my wife called about the netbook and was told that they changed our contract and reduced us $30/month instead. So, after six months now, the new monthly bill comes in for $158/month. Comcast has no record of our 24-month contract, the netbook or anything. So, I just installed an Ooma and DirecTV comes out on Tuesday. Then I will walk into their office with their box and tell them to remove TV services ($78/month) and when my phone is ported, cancel that as well ($49/month). That will leave the internet (which goes to $42.95 after one year — whatever this plan is that I am on).

    I regret having fallen for their trick and will never go back to them.

  172. Ok, so here's my story. We signed up for the triple play in August 09. I electronically signed my agreement and sent it back within the 30 days. I received a confimation for this agreement. I paid all my monthly bills on time. By December 2009…no laptop. Called in January 2010 and was given a website to go to. Went to the website and got no information regarding my laptop. A few months go by…I was a little distracted by my fathers death…finally I called today (April 26, 2010) and after all of that the rep tells me that at the time of my ordering of the triple play laptop special, the person setting up my account entered the wrong promotion code and therefore, I would NOT get the laptop. They then told me that their supervisor would credit our account $150 since thats how much the netbook was worth.
    I'm so annoyed to say the least! I enjoyed my at&t phone service but canceled it so we could get the stupid netbook. How retarded!!

  173. yes i am just like the others never got the net book, i signed and mailed the agreement as instructed its all most a year now.

  174. You can add me to the list of the many dissatisfied customers. signed up for the triple play promotion and have yet to receive the notebook. always get the runaround. call this one, access that web, still no notebook. makes a person want to go postal!

  175. My 1 year is almost over and STILL NO NETBOOK!!!!! Everytime I call them I keep getting the run around and stupid reasons why I didn't qualify for the netbook! Perhaps someone with some knowledge of LAW should look into a class action against comcast! Make them pay us all $500 so we can get 2 netbooks for all the damn trouble and headaches we had to go through! Don't know if hours on the phone dealing with their customer service should be added on that $500 or not! What do you guys think?

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