took the wraps off some new triple play bundles with HD as the focus. The new bundles range in cost from $114.99 to $179.99, and feature a mix of HD and SD channels, broadband, and digital voice. The packages are labeled HD Starter ($114.99), HD Plus ($139.99), and HD Premier ($179.99). All include HD STBs, with the Premier package including a HD DVR. Depending on whether the market is , the broadband component ranges from 6 Mbps to 16 mbps, or 12 Mbps to 22 Mbps for wideband. The strategy hopes to reach value conscious subscribers who still crave HD and fast broadband. For customers who don’t need HD, Comcast also launched new economy packages, with the cheapest triple play package consisting of 50 SD channels, 1 Mbps broadband, and voice service for $79.85.

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2 thoughts on “Comcast Launches New HD Focused Triple Play Bundles

  1. maybe i’m slow, but i don’t see much of a deal here. you could get the dish hd deal, and buy phone and broadband from someone else – that would give you more HD channels and cost less.

  2. Well in the world of HD satellite may be good, but they go in and out alot based on area… the cable companys have the fastest Internet by design, and the phone is nice also.. the deal is that you get all 3… and satellite gets expensive if you have more then one tv… (as if who doesn’t unless you live in a trailer) i have 4… thats 15 bucks just to make the other TVs work right off the bat… but standard cable is nice… the HD is nice for your “big tv” room…

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