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Comcast is joining forces with Broadcom to develop the world’s first AI-powered access network. Their efforts will rely on a new chipset that embeds artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning within the nodes, amps and modems over the last few miles of Comcast’s network.

Once these capabilities are available, Comcast will be able to automate more network functions for an improved customer experience through better and more actionable intelligence.

The new chipset is also expected to be the first to incorporate DOCSIS 4.0 Full Duplex, Extended Spectrum and the ability to run both simultaneously. Running both simultaneously will enable Internet service providers to provide DOCSIS 4.0 services using a toolkit with technology options designed to meet their business needs.

“DOCSIS 4.0 is the next-generation network technology that will introduce symmetrical multi-gigabit internet speeds, lower latency, and even better security and reliability to hundreds of millions of people and businesses over their existing connections without the need for major construction of new network infrastructure,” the companies stated.

Last week, Comcast announced that it would begin to introduce customers to internet services powered by DOCSIS 4.0 using FDX.

“The Xfinity 10G Network leverages the latest advancements in edge compute, digital optics and real-time, actionable telemetry to meet and exceed our customers’ constantly evolving connectivity needs,” Comcast Cable Chief Network Officer Elad Nafshi said in a prepared statement. “With this new Unified DOCSIS4 chipset from Broadcom, we can broadly deploy transformational AI network capabilities alongside symmetrical multi-gig speeds. FDX is the best technology for Comcast, but this groundbreaking unified chipset will provide the entire industry with options when upgrading their nodes, amps, and cable modems for DOCSIS 4.0.”

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