MachineQ for Indoor Asset Tracking

Comcast’s internet of things (IoT) subsidiary, known as MachineQ, today unveiled newly extended capabilities for its indoor asset tracking real-time location system (RTLS) solution that the company launched last year.

The company announced a suite of active asset tags, including the Nano RT, Nano LP, the Dura ET, Dura PT, and Dura AC, which offer diverse form factors, environmental ratings, and capabilities designed to meet a range of asset tracking needs—from low-profile tags for tracking small, hand-held assets to “ultra-durable” tags designed to withstand harsh environments.

The Nano RT and Nano LP tags have features and capabilities usually unavailable in a tiny form factor, Comcast said. The Nano RT has a battery life of more than eight years. It also includes a remotely triggered LED for last-meter item finding in high-density environments. The Nano LP offers a battery life of more than two years as well as an ultra-slim form factor.

MachineQ is also augmenting its current suite of indoor asset tracking and facilities wellness solutions with space utilization capabilities. The offerings use privacy-centric sensors to count the number of people occupying a room. This is designed to help facility managers understand space utilization and traffic patterns. With real-time and historical occupancy data, organizations can make data-driven decisions regarding space allocation and layout, resource distribution and operational efficiency, Comcast said.

“We’re thrilled to diversify our product and solution set to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Steven Corbesero, Jr., MachineQ director of product and solutions said in a prepared statement. “We’re helping to provide organizations with peace of mind knowing they can use our tools to support monitoring their operations in real-time for immediate, corrective, and predictive actions. Plus, we’re doing so with the total cost of ownership in mind and continuously looking to roll out new solutions on top of the same IoT network connectivity platform our customers already use for their asset tracking needs.”

In 2021, MachineQ updated its low-power wide-area network (LPWAN platform designed to reduce the complexities for businesses to develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at scale.

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