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Comcast WiFi Boost, now available to Comcast and Xfinity Mobile customers, offers speeds as fast as 1 Gbps on more than 23 million Xfinity Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, according to Comcast. A company spokesperson told Telecompetitor that this represents the majority of Comcast hotspots.

The speed boost is underpinned by Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E and by a software update for the hotspot network, the spokesperson said. Mobile devices also were updated to enable them to take advantage of the faster speeds.

“Customers do not need to do anything proactive to enable this speed increase and may have already noticed faster speeds,” the spokesperson said. “As we make improvements on our network, more hotspots will be able to deliver these faster speeds.”

The upgrade was a product of a five-year, $20 billion investment and is available across Comcast’s 60 million address footprint, the company said. Comcast also noted that 90% of Xfinity Mobile traffic is on Wi-Fi.

“We’re supercharging hotspots to unlock the full potential of our customers’ mobile devices and give you the boost you need, when you need it, to download a large file, stream a live sporting event, or host an important video call,” Xfinity Mobile Senior Vice President Kohposh Kuda said in a press release.

“A billion devices connect to WiFi over our network because it delivers a superior experience. We’ve invested billions of dollars in a network that can support the massive growth in data consumption and our WiFi Boost upgrade is a huge win for our mobile customers.”

This is the second significant Wi-Fi announcement by Comcast this month. Last week, it introduced the NOW brand, which includes a NOW WiFi service that offers access to the company’s hotspots for $20 per month.

Comcast says that Comcast Business Mobile and Xfinity Mobile, which launched in 2017, now support more than 6.5 million customer lines.

Joan Engebretson contributed to this report

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