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Voonami Launches its Virtual Desktop Service on UTOPIA

OREM, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Voonami announced today that it is launching its Virtual Desktop Service on the UTOPIA network. The Virtual Desktop Service utilizes thin client technology to offer customers the benefits of cloud computing at their desktop. Voonami is the only UTOPIA service provider offering cloud computing and virtual desktop services over UTOPIA’s fiber network using its green data center solutions.

The “cloud” is simply data stored on remote servers or super computers located in secure data centers rather than on an individual desktop computer. Most users today access this technology through applications like web-based email programs. Voonami’s Virtual Desktop Service replaces individual personal computers with zero clients, a much smaller device, that communicates with a super computer located in Voonami’s disaster proof data centers to access all of the company’s software, applications and data. These super computers are all redundantly secured and backed up, meaning that all your data is safe, secure, and accessible from anywhere.

By moving your software and applications to a secure data center, the zero client system increases speeds, ensures your data is protected, eliminates capital expenditures for new hardware and PC maintenance costs, decreases the risks of theft, ensures application and software version control, and offers seamless telecommuting capabilities. Companies are able to increase their memory or hard drive space dynamically while having increased efficiencies and access to the latest technology, all managed by Voonami.

“Zero client technology requires a fast clear Internet connection to be fully utilized,” says Todd Marriott, UTOPIA’s Executive Director. “We’re excited to see Voonami using the power of UTOPIA’s dedicated fiber-optic connections to offer something truly revolutionary to their customers. The UTOPIA network was intended to drive both economic development and innovation when it was created – and now we are beginning to see UTOPIA enable this type of ‘game changing’ innovation by Utah-based companies.”

“Because Virtual Desktop service relies so heavily on seamless communication between the zero client and the super computer, our customers will see great benefits running on the UTOPIA fiber network, ” says Ben Bush, Voonami’s President. “Expanding our trusted cloud computing platform, virtualization services and green data center solutions to customers in the 16 UTOPIA cities is a great way to continue our reach to important business communities.”

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