An On-Demand World Dictates Optimal Service Order Management
Consumer expectations in today’s digital world are evolving. Customers now expect an on-demand experience, driven by their interactions with companies like Amazon and Netflix. Communications service providers (CSPs) are now compelled to adapt and deliver a customer experience that meets these rising expectations.

To help manage this shift, an agile service order management platform is required; one that can manage true automated flow-through provisioning across multiple networking technologies. Matching customer needs with the precise required network assets, often in real-time, helps deliver the customer experience that will win in the marketplace.

SaskTel International’s white paper, Optimizing Your Service Order Management Platform, discusses the growing importance of automated service order management, highlighting how modern OSS platforms give CSPs the tools they need to not only more effectively compete, but maximize their profit potential as well.

This white paper will outline:
  • The context of an on-demand world and the implications for CSPs
  • The necessary building blocks for optimal service order management
  • How modern OSS and BSS platforms allow CSPs to fully leverage all the capabilities of their network
  • The implications for customer experience, an engaged workforce, and profitability
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