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1Q23 OVBI Report

Providers to Expect Greater Network Strain & Higher ARPU

The latest OpenVault Broadband Insights (OVBI) report sheds light on vital broadband usage trends and the impact they have on broadband operators and their business model.

New data for 1Q23 shows increased data consumption and demand for faster speeds across the board—creating a double-edged sword for broadband providers, who must balance customer satisfaction with the growing strain on their networks.

So, what are important areas of focus for your business in the coming quarter, and how can providers improve network health and customer experience while alleviating congestion? A look at the 1Q23 OVBI report can help you answer these important questions. Key findings include:

  • Usage trends by billing type and their implications
  • Impact of UBB speed trends on ARPU
  • Percentage distribution of provisioned speed tiers
  • Year-over-year comparison of usage types

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